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Effective (and cost-effective) creative technique doesn't have to be a mystery. The real mystery is why it's relatively rare.

Common Sense, Uncommonly PresentedSM
To create and evaluate effective advertising, here's a mindset for putting yourself into your prospect's shoes.

Headline of the Week. ... what would your answer be? (To yourself, please. I've already got too many headlines rumbling around here.)

Search Engine Optimization. Search site standards and methods are constantly changing. What can I tell you that we both won't have to update next month? Here's what.

Copywriters and Web sites. Copywriters are naturally inclined to think like information architects, said the Internet World sources quoted in this really old page.
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Frequently Asked Questions about advertising.
So you wanna be a copywriter? From the e-mailbag, these Q&As about the ad biz and freelancing.

Conceptual Development. One way the process works. To get onto the right foot, sometimes it helps to start on the wrong one. These examples of spec work can get you moving.

Books and other handy stuff. So I don't have to reinvent the wheel. And maybe someday you'll invent something even better one.

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