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Marketer: SiteSell, Inc.
Copywriter: Randall Rensch
Media: Email to affiliate network

About this email letter:
C L I E N T S   S A Y :
"Your copy gleams. It's a pleasure to work with you, Randy. I appreciate your professionalism, on the page and in person" -- Ken Evoy, President & CEO, SiteSell, Inc.

Ken Evoy's company, SiteSell, Inc., is a widely respected affiliate/viral marketer online. At the time this email was written, SiteSell specialized in publishing e-books. To support affiliates, SiteSell developed a system enabling them to plan and build traffic-worthy websites. This email introduced that system, called Site Build It!. The system was such a success that Ken made it available to anyone. By now it has grown to be a comprehensive tool for researching, building and e-marketing all kinds of websites, and is the company's flagship.

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From: Ken Evoy
To: SiteSell Affiliates

Traffic is the lifeblood of any affiliate's business. If your site
CONTENT is truly worthy of traffic, you're building your affiliate
business correctly. And your bottom line will show it.

What's the pivotal word in that paragraph? It's not "traffic" or
"site." It's...

... "CONTENT."

You WANT traffic, but that isn't what your site is about. It's about
what you *know*. If you focus on building CONTENT that's meaty, special
and truly worthy of your visitor's effort and time, then you're on your
way to success.

However, somewhere on route, you will have to deal with these two
disruptive speed bumps...

~ To DELIVER the content, you need to build and manage a Web site. How
do you do that without getting bogged down on technical details like
"Web servers," "HTML," "JavaScript" and all that?

~  Targeted high-potential customers must be able to FIND your
content... and from there, follow a link to the affiliate programs that
you represent. (If you understand the technical side and maybe even
enjoy it, you know that keeping current with new developments is a
full-time job.)

Every minute, every hour you spend on those site-building and traffic
details takes away from your ability to develop your content. And
CONTENT is what powers the money mill.



How can you build a truly TRAFFIC-WORTHY site without all the
site-building and promotional details?

Well, first let's consider the "building" aspect...

i) You could pay an expert.

That's way too expensive for 99.99% of affiliates just starting out.
It's a non-starter.

 ii) There are "free site" setups offered by various hosting companies.

As we both know, nothing is really free. One way or another, hidden or
not, "free" is gonna cost you.

Maybe the company adds its own banner ads or its logo. Right away, your
visitors get confused. They ask... "What is this site, anyway?... Is it
really the "authority" it claims to be?... Why doesn't it have its own
domain name?... Why is it associated with *that* advertiser?"

"Free" means your credibility is shot. And as an affiliate depending on
people to trust your recommendations, your site MUST have credibility.

Actually, a "free" site disadvantages you even more than that. Search
Engine spiders and directory editors (like Google's and Yahoo's) know
from experience that free sites are usually not worth their attention.

When all is said and done, what the low credibility of free sites REALLY
costs you is...

Your time.

To be "found" by targeted visitors, the Search Engines (SEs) must rank
your Web content on the first page of results for your keywords, with an
appealing headline and copy to "get the click" to your site.

If engines don't spider you, or if customers don't respect you, or if
advertising lures your customers away or hurts the sales-effectiveness
of your site...

You're wasting your time. 100% of it. Just to save a few dollars!



Until now, there has been no real solution suitable for an affiliate,
such as yourself, that doesn't take a big chunk of your time or your

We at EComWorks did some searching on your behalf. As tech-savvy
affiliate-marketing specialists, we looked for a solution that focuses
on the AFFILIATE's needs (i.e., YOUR needs).

Most site-builders, we found, focus on creating e-stores. None of them
help the affiliate succeed in building and driving TARGETED traffic to
the programs that s/he represents.

We wanted a solution that makes you something akin to a "one-finger
mechanic". You know, that's where you fix your car by taking it to the
shop, pointing to it with one finger, and saying, "Please fix it."

Ideally, the PERFECT solution enables you to...

o  get your site built

o  customize it with your own look and feel

o  brainstorm and create your own authoritative, search-worthy content

o  develop and organize that content

o  market your site effectively through Search Engines and directories

o  see your site's statistics at a glance, and their implications... so
you can easily act on those numbers, and grow your success.

And all this is achieved by simply saying "Build it!"

Impossible treasure hunt?... Not!

We finally found an OUTSTANDING product like that, and guess what it's

Site Build It!


Want to order it now? (There's a money-back guarantee.)

To order risk-free, go directly to the special EComWorks' order page for
Site Build It! at...


To learn more, read on...



Site Build It! (SBI!) is a two-part product.

1) "Make Your Content PREsell!" Action Guide -- this is your
step-by-step implementation plan to building targeted traffic.

2) The comprehensive SBI! system of incredibly powerful tools -- this
easy-to-use set of tools simplifies the process and saves you tons of
time and money.

---------------- THE ACTION GUIDE ----------------

Think of the Action Guide as a "pathway of information." Along that
pathway, there are 10 stepping stones. The Guide leads you clearly down
that pathway until you quickly emerge at the other end... with a
successful e-business up and running.

But *knowing* the process isn't the hard part. DOING it is. That's where
the Site Build It! set of tools comes in...

-------------- THE SBI! TOOLS --------------

From developing a Site Concept, to brainstorming profitable keywords, to
building a site, to generating TARGETED TRAFFIC, this system turns
everything that is difficult and/or tedious into... a mouse click.

You STILL have to think, of course... but ONLY about your business.
Forget about the technology. Or the complexities. SBI!'s tools do that
for you.

For example...


No matter who you are, or what your HTML and Search Engine skills are,
you can build YOUR OWN theme-focused, passion-and-knowledge-driven,
traffic-building site. SBI! even includes your own domain name and
catchall e-mail addresses.

No need to know HTML. No need to worry about FTP -- this is totally
behind-the-scene! No techie stuff at all. You don't even need to know
what a META tag or ALT tag is -- Site Build It! creates all these for


No need EVER to personally submit to the Search Engines. Again, SBI!
does it for you. And it tracks their every move. If an engine does not
"spider" or index one of your Web pages in a certain amount of time,
their amazing "World-Submitter" AUTOMATICALLY resubmits that page for

And SBI! even RANKS every one of your pages, at every major Search
Engine, for all your keywords! Amazing stuff.

And get this!... If a page does not rank well, all you have to do is
click on the "Analyze It!" button. You'll get a report that tells you
EXACTLY what you have to do to improve your position at the engines.

(What's more, as Search Engine rules and players change, Site Build It!
adapts. It keeps current with SE industry methods, so you can skip all
those here-today, gone-tomorrow details.)


Traffic stats are just a click away, all shown in a clean,
understandable format. They're ready for you to act on them... through
SBI!, of course.

Most importantly, SBI! reports on how successfully each link in your
site gives you that all-significant CLICK-THROUGH (i.e., when visitors
click from your site to your merchant's). Those click-throughs, after
all, are what make you money.

NO added software involved!



This is the REAL beauty of Site Build It! -- it focuses 100% on *your*

As we said, there are other site-building programs. Most are for
building "brochure"-ware sites. But your site can't afford to be so
aimless. There are e-commerce plans for building stores. But an
affiliate site is not a store.

Affiliate sites are special. And with SBI!, every step, every function,
every feature is geared towards helping AFFILIATES boost their income.

SBI! frees you up to implement the important stuff, the CONTENT.
Everything you need to know is already in your brain. A very special
"guru-in-your-ear" online-help system and the Action Guide take you
confidently through the process. The TOOLS do all the drudge work, not

Bingo! With SBI!, you give your visitors the valuable content THEY want.

But, of course, YOU want TRAFFIC, so your site will also...



For years, some site-owners have been relying on certain optimization
gimmicks like low-value gateway pages, spamming and meaningless "link"
pages. But nowadays, Search Engines penalize for these tired schemes. SE
gurus agree that, more and more, theme-based sites will displace them.
THEME-BASED sites will be THE way for affiliates to succeed over the
next 3 years. Starting now.

Ultimately, people with passion who produce themed sites from their own
brains will win. Isn't that the way you want it?  :-)



Yes, we did find some other services out there that claim to offer total
solutions. But not ONE of them does EVERYTHING that Site Build It! does.
Some examples...

o  Do you have an artistic bent? Give your site a personal stamp.

o  The Manager tool ferrets out the most profitable keywords in relation
to your specific theme, and allows you go build huge Pay-Per-Click
Search Engine campaigns with ... right, one finger.

SBI! Manager helps you research and identify your theme, zeroing in on
the most profitable set of keywords based on supply and demand across
the whole Web. This NORMALLY takes savvy Web marketers WEEKS to do. The
Manager does it all in a matter of MINUTES, making it a snap to build a
keyword-focused Web page.



 Let's suppose that you're interested in cooking. You probably have a
lot of recipes to share. Just supplement that with a couple of cookbooks
and start building your own theme-based, keyword-focused site. (Cookbook
recipes themselves are often copyrighted, but there's LOTS of background
information you can draw from.)

SBI! helps you discover and fine-tune a strong-potential niche in this
market. Let's peek into the SBI! site-building process at the point
where you...

Register your domain -- "" [MEMO: Domain name
here subject to availability! ]

(*Your* niche might be anything... such as seafood, a certain country's
cuisine, maybe even the "chemistry of food"?!)

Once you've chosen your theme, just follow the methods and strategies
outlined in the Action Guide. Think of the Action Guide as a mentor who
escorts and advises you.

Create a wonderful Home Page, and content-rich, keyword-focused pages
such as...

1) Pages about all the Major Food Groups

2) A One-Month Menu Planner (a separate page for each, most using the
same easy ingredients) plus Holidays pages

3) Eating (and Serving) Healthy

4) And lots of other Cooking-related pages filled with text links,
including a section about...

Desserts! (Everybody loves one kind or another!)

Of course, you can use banners, if you like, to promote merchant sites.
But those "smell" like ads. Studies have shown that in-context text
links generate better click-through rates.

Now let's say that a prospective customer has just found your page about
the Desserts by searching for "low calorie desserts" at (or
any other Search Engine). S/he reads your wonderful recipe, where you
recommend "the perfect pan for it" and "the perfect centerpiece" or
"serving dish." And don't forget to mention "gift baskets"!

In other words...

You PREsell your visitors with wonderful content. Then you provide
in-context links to the best products that you can offer them that
relate to each page. Since each page relates to something about your
main keyword, Home Cooking, you'll start scoring higher and higher at
the Search Engines for that word, as well as for a large number of more
specific keywords (ex., "custards").

Back to our visitor on your "Desserts" page...

Click. Click. She buys two of your suggestions.. a serving dish and a
gift basket. That's two commissions for you!

In this example, the links go to one of EComWorks' merchants, namely

You can also include other EComWorks merchants. For example...

A party for kids?  Recommend decorations from

A kitchen radio?

But here's a real shocker for you...

Include non-competing marketers who are *not* EComWorks merchants!


Yes, that sounds odd, coming from us at EComWorks. But we want you to
SUCCEED. The best way to do that is to encourage you to use Site Build
It! to develop MULTIPLE streams of income.

For example, find books about the *history* or the *chemistry* of food
at (or any other bookstore) -- just enter "history of food"
or "chemistry food" into their Search Engine. You'll find wonderful
books to recommend.

You could even recommend artwork of food, from other merchants. As you
do a bit of research and follow the SBI! process, you'll build a
wonderful resource all about "Home Cooking" -- a site that will attract
TARGETED traffic.

You'll be amazed at how quickly your site mushrooms as you build pages.
Once you see how well your Home Cooking site builds your income, can
Entertaining, or Holiday Cooking, or even Restaurant Reviews be far

The opportunities to generate several multiple income streams are
endless. Naturally, you don't have to limit yourself. Any theme that
excites you is great. Maybe it's movies, or your own city, or cars
powered by Nissan's SR20DE engine.

For sure, if you know the technology (HTML, FTP, engines, submitting,
tracking, etc., etc.), you could execute the strategies outlined in the
Action Guide WITHOUT Site Build It!. But even site-building experts
prefer to use Site Build It! instead of building from scratch. SBI! lets
them build 20 sites at a time for their clients rather than just one.

In other words, professional site creators understand how SBI! makes
more money for them, and for their clients!



Remember, to succeed at your affiliate business, you need the
credibility of your own site -- a simple one, stripped down to the
speedy, user-friendly basics, and packed with the type of information
people look for.

Team up with SBI!, and it's easy to carry out essential site-building
don't need to purchase anything else!


To sum it up, the overall strategy for success is simple...

Create content that attracts targeted traffic, then convert that traffic
into dollars by getting visitors to click-through to the sites of the
merchants that you represent.

Site Build It! helps you accomplish substantial income-generation
WITHOUT getting bogged down in the process.



Or, to first get a quick visual impression of SBI! in action, check out
the "Quick Tour Slide Show" at:

During this demo, you'll be in the capable hands of SBI!'s originator, ( is itself an outstanding affiliate-based

If you want a whole bunch of details, visit... .

You'll know in a minute or two whether this product is right for you.
Remember, you have nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain. SBI! comes
with a "Risk-Free Try It" program that eliminates all doubt at NO RISK
TO YOU. If you're disappointed, you can get a fast, full refund. And you
keep the information-packed Action Guide!

But we're sure you'll be THRILLED!.



Frankly, it's critical. We at EComWorks want all our affiliates to
succeed. Time and time again over the years, we have seen that if an
affiliate devotes the required attention in the right ways, that
affiliate will do better.

So it is very important to us. It is 100% important to you.

Order now at

See how Site Build It! will help your business grow! Easily,
effectively... and fast!


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