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COPYWRITER: Randall Rensch
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Cover: We know you
Entire brochure as PDF (650K)

Client: GenX Tech Solutions
Media: 12-page brochure with inserts
Also see the online version


Some of the heads and subheads: 

    Get to know us.

    We're different from our competitors.
    Service is our strength.

    We help your business. We help you..
    Computer viruses are tenacious. So are we.
    Taking the "mal" out of malware.
    How to bootstrap an emergency plan.

Excerpts : 

We know our business. We also know your needs. And we will quickly get to know your operations. This all helps make your operations more efficient, more productive and more secure.

* * *
We prefer our staff to be situated at your location, possibly even seated among your staff, so that we can quickly come to their users' sides when necessary. This is especially important in financial services operations. Handling one call at the trading desk can resolve issues for a dozen users and keep work flowing smoothly.

We understand that installations are seldom practical during market hours, so we make our schedule meet your needs. We’ve moved a nine person equity trading department overnight. We've reshuffled a Fixed Income trading area overnight, being on-site early next morning to circumvent any issues. And we've installed networks at more than one busy executive's home.

Whether we're resolving unexpected connectivity issues for a leading market data service, or installing data capabilities in a specified timeframe, we are always sensitive to the user’s viewpoint and responsive to our client's needs.


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