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COPYWRITER: Randall Rensch
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Client: HCFS
Media: 12-page brochure
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Selected Subheads: 

    Instead of holding our competitor's hand,
    you could be holding more cash

    We do what your own employees do not.
    We do what government Health Services workers cannot.
    We do what our competitors simply will not.

    HCFS recovers more.
    Without resorting to practices you could have to recover from.

Excerpt (from last page): 

    There are no upfront charges.
    There is an upfront plan.

Body Copy: 

How does several million dollars in additional cash collections appeal to you? The vast majority of our client hospitals have each recovered that much with HCFS.

You'll see results from the outset. And you'll see them easily, because HCFS provides thorough, accurate and timely reporting, reflecting accounts in all stages of representation and collection. Every patient's case is internally audited.

And every client relationship begins with a written plan.

You pay only when your patients do

Our commissions are based solely on our performance. And unlike many other collections firms, HCFS has no start-up fees. So call today and ask HCFS to customize a program specially suited to your needs. And see exactly how we'll add more self-pay revenue to your hospital's bottom line.


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