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Ad showing wildflowers, people, hill
      Client: Knott & Perry Counties, KY (speculative)
Copywriter: Randall Rensch
Media: large and small-space ads
photo credit

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Headline:  Meet the mountains that inspired the music.

Subhead:  Take your vacation where folks are best known for singing.

Body Copy: 

   Country music doesn't come from some city. It comes from the heart. From inspiration. And for generations, that inspiration has come from the peaceful mountains of eastern Kentucky.
   Bring your family and see for yourself. See how simple a great vacation can be. Fact is, we're not big on resorts. The only thing really big around here is a coal truck. And, you're right, we don't get a lot of tourists. But for the time being, we've got something city folks think is better. Peace and quiet.

We're very pleased
to have you hear.

   There's a solitude that graces our trees, campsites, lakes, trails and nature. It includes a bird whose warble sounds exactly like "very very pleased to MEET-CHA!"
   We've got good clean motels scattered around. Camping, of course. Even a couple of resort lodges nearby with mountain views and swimming pools.
   But if all you want is a swimming pool, you're missing our point. We think you ought to go fishing. Take your pick of Carr Fork Lake, the Kentucky River or Beaver Creek. Or go hiking. Plenty of trails here, when you know where to find them. They run through the woods, up where our paved, winding roads don't reach. Places you'd bust an axle if you drove a car. And where the view across the hollers can make you bust out smiling.
   We give coal mine tours, and the local general stores have everything under one roof, if you're not too particular.
   Our restaurants don't serve fast food, but you can get good homemade soupbeans and cornbread, 'cause everybody goes there and most everyone has time.


Spring wildflowers.
Summer fun. And you
ought to see our autumn!

   In June or October, come for the Poke Sallet Festival, or the Kingdom Come Swapping Meet, just a county away.
   But most of the time, it's just you and us and that bird. A few towns that are really wide spots in the road. And roads small enough that they don't show on the map.
   So write us for a map or get yourself a big one. If it shows County Road 1231 and Larkslane, it's big enough. Then all you have to do is follow your nose down I-75 to the Daniel Boone Parkway, and take that to Hazard. Or coming from the Virginia side, turn off I-81 onto the four-laners, and follow them to Whitesburg.
   When you get here, we hope you'll stay a week. Some city folks can't take much more than that. It's too peaceful. And there's only one movie theater around here.
   Most of us only see a few shows a year. Except, everyone saw "Coal Miner's Daughter." Around here it was kinda like watching home movies.

Definitely family fare

   Families here are tight-knit. And this might be the place to know your own family a little more. For once, you can share an experience without distractions. Share in a special part of America. And just listen and talk to each other.
   Isn't that pretty good music, too?
   So call us at 800-000-0000 toll-free now. We'll send you maps and information about tours and special events, lodging, local craft bargains, and much more. To inspire the best vacation you've had in quite a spell.
   [address, phone, etc.]



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