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brochure cover     left & right reveals (barndoors)
left & right reveals (barndoors)

Marketer: HCFS
Copywriter: Randall Rensch
Media: 8-panel brochure



Introducing the human approach
to medical collections

Reveal heads: 

Courtesy pays.
So do HCFS collection services -- with record net returns!

Body Copy: 

You know how people feel about most "bill collectors."
      There's a better way to collect from your past-due accounts. Call on HCFS. We specialize in comprehensive services to the healthcare industry. Our collections specialists are better trained, and far more pleasant than the typical "bill collector."
      Which is why we collect more than others typically do.
      In fact, industry for industry, nobody recovers more than HCFS. We periodically audit all accounts to ensure that every possible dollar is being retrieved. Ask your HCFS representative for details on our excellent performance in the healthcare field.

Last year, HCFS recovered more than
$100,000,000 in self-pay accounts for
our medical clients.

We're skilled at the "human" approach because so much of our work is for medical facilities. In some states, HCFS serves the majority of hospitals, large and small. HCFS account managers truly understand the practices and special needs of patients and providers within the healthcare industry.
      Because a healthy provider-patient relationship is as important to us as it to you, we work to preserve that connection while we're also working to maximize results. So your payers will feel comfortable about contacting you again.
      And we will report to major credit bureaus and take legal action only at your request.


The other headlines:

Offices coast-to-coast. With expertise just as wide.

Unique approach. Unique Experience.
Two reasons HCFS is one of America's fastest-growing companies.

There are no up-front charges.
So start enjoying the benefits today.

Amazing returns.
A comfortable debt-side manner.


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