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  Advertiser: Norden Systems  
  Media: 2-pg spread in industry publications  


Headline: Norden has been chosen to survive a nuclear attack.

Body Copy: 
    If the data systems for the MX missile can't survive, America's deterrent power won't. That's why Norden has been named chief subcontractor to GTE in the MX missile project. As a major designer and producer of military electronic systems for land, sea and air, Norden knows how to combine security with dependability.

We make computers that can stand up to shock, vibration, explosive atmospheres, humidity, EMI, solar radiation, salt and fungus -- a long list of hostile military environments. We test them for extremes and verify the performance of every unit. Before a computer leaves Norden's hands, it's already a hardened veteran.

Our proven experience is why Norden will make the data processing equipment for the MX's command, control and communications (C3) system. It's also why we'll write the supporting software.

To learn more about our family of militarized computers, write or call...



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