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Advertiser: African Plantations Corporation
Media: Capabilities Brochure

This b-to-b brochure introduced Africa's fastest-growing speciality Arabica coffee producer to American coffee roasters. A series of plantation-specific product sheets introduced coffees from a number of the company's estates.


Headline:  Specialty coffees from an especially capable business partner:

Body Copy: 

   APC is the fastest-growing specialty Arabica coffee producer in Africa. Our financial capacity and technological know-how assures you of consistency and availability. And we can doubly assure you of that, because we work directly with you, the roaster.
   We store a plentiful supply in American warehouses, so you'll always have the right beans, at the right time, at the right price. With APC, you can lock-in your marketing plans and count on our fine specialty beans to be at your door the moment you need them.
   What's more, such dependability gives us both more time to develop a distinctive marketing program with you, one that takes full advantage of our distinctive beans.
African Plantations Corporation
US office: (phone number)

Interior Panels:

We grow fine coffees.
We'd also like to help you
grow your business.

Body Copy:

We promised ourselves we'd be able to honor our promises to you.

A number of years ago, several blue chip investors and coffee-growing experts set out to bring multiple estates together as one well-managed group - maintaining diversity while making each of the estates more financially capable, as well as socially responsible and sensitive to environmental concerns. This group, African Plantations Corporation, now owns and operates coffee and tea estates in several countries, with the number of our holdings continuing to expand.
   Each of our coffees has its own distinctive qualities due to the unique microclimate of its origin. However, all our coffees are alike in the care and professionalism with which we produce, warehouse and ship them. We sell only the coffees we ourselves grow, and have spent the past several years perfecting our production methods and quality assurance systems.

Perfect conditions for growing

APC estates enjoy the rare combination of elevation, soil, shade, and water resources needed to produce coffee you love. To ensure consistent quality and a predictable crop, each site has an alternative source of water in case of an occasional drought.
   Beans are hand-picked and sun-dried to perfection. Our land and trees are treated with equally gentle care. In fact, on one of our estates the coffee grows under the watchful eyes of owls - whose pest control activities enable reduced use of pesticides.

Technology used in the best tradition

Excellent yields from healthy plants are maximized through use of modern agronomic techniques. We continually renew our older plantings to maintain peak vigor and production, and when we acquire new holdings, we immediately set about bringing them up to the same high APC standards.
   Our expert local managers have the benefit of a plentiful work force and the latest technology. APC's modern processing facilities consistently yield a clean, uniform supply of beans ready for roasting. And soon we'll generate electricity from our own sustainably grown timber, your further assurance of economy and reliability.

Quality you can depend on,
from the company you can depend on

   Every way you look at it, APC assures you of a quality supply:

  • Irrigated estates - Our reliable water resources help us weather any occasional drought conditions.
  • Strong financial resources - From our ability to invest in production, to economies of scale, you can rely on us to be here and share the benefits of our strength.
  • US Inventory - We continually maintain a substantial inventory in our US warehouses, ready to ship on a moment's notice.
  • Rapid re-supply - Our estates' easy access to key African rail lines and the Indian Ocean facilitates maintenance of our US supply.

APC provides a pleasant experience in every way

Buying great coffee is a personal thing. Whether you buy spot, or on a long term contract at a guaranteed fixed price, APC is better positioned to address your widest range of needs and concerns - because we're both the grower and your US supplier.
   We'll work with you closely, helping you present our coffees to your customers proudly and confidently.
   For a free supply of green samples, please call (contact info)...

Sidebar Headline: Distinct bean flavors. Each consistently unique.

Body Copy: 

APC's holdings include plantations in Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. Each APC estate is favored by a unique microclimate at an elevation of 3,500 or higher, with precisely the right combination of volcanic soil, temperature, light, and rainfall. And at each estate we nurture a coffee with its own distinct African personality.

   To learn more about our estates and the specialty coffees they produce, please call our US office at (contact information).



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