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Marketer: PassionUp
Copywriter: Randall Rensch
Media: Email to online customer base
To: PassionUp Users
Subject: Easier, more personal version of PassionUp!

Introducing MyPassionUp

New cards, new convenience and more...

exclusively for MyPassionUp members!

Dear PassionUp Friend,

For a year, we've been working on a new version of PassionUp, called MyPassionUp. This enhanced area of PassionUp will make our service even more useful, easier, and more meaningful in many ways.

We understand how important that can be to you. Every day, people tell us how PassionUp cards make a difference... helping to express the meaning in life, convey feelings and inspiration.

So please take a look at MyPassionUp now!

It truly is even more yours, because MyPassionUp makes your cards more personal... more unique... more convenient and more powerful in your life. And it will make your daily visit even more enjoyable, with exclusive access to our best and newest cards.

You can even get a free MyPassionUp poster. But first...

To view a sample of MyPassionUp
click here

Here are the details...

Exclusive new Inspirational and Romantic cards daily

The PassionUp Fun News newsletter you receive each morning now features four new cards daily, two of them available only to MyPassionUp members -- one Inspirational, and one Romantic.

In addition, you'll have access to all our thousands of archived cards in these and other categories, including cards for holidays, seasonal events and special occasions. The entire PassionUp world will remain open to you!

Exclusive "blank" cards!
Or are they letters? You decide!

Have you ever wanted to write your own card? At MyPassionUp, you'll find blank cards -- just the design and music... write your own message and it's set to go! Your message will appear on the card itself, rather than in the notifying e-mail.

Make your card's message long or short... even make it l-o-n-g letter. Now more than ever, MyPassionUp lets you to express your personality, in your own personal way.

New services

Customize your cards! As a MyPassionUp member, you'll be able to add your recipient's name, your own name, and your own message, too... right on the card, not just in the email that brings announces it. So your recipient can print it the personalized card, or save it, to view again and again. (To see an example, click here.)

Schedule cards to be sent automatically. Any cards, on any dates you choose. No matter how busy, you'll never overlook someone's special day.

More convenience, too

As a MyPassionUp member, you'll have more cards, and more things you can say. How do you find and keep track of it all?

Easy -- with these new convenience features...

  • Easily locate your favorite PassionUp and MyPassionUp cards, by adding them to your own Personal Favorites section, organized by category. Then you'll be able to send them again -- or view them again for inspiration -- with just a few clicks.
  • MyPassionUp also lets you archive the cards that people send you, in your personal special keepsake file, so you'll be able to view them again (and again!)?
  • Store up to 300 addresses in your private address book. And with a single action, mail a card to as many as 25 people at once. You can even start your own PassionUp mailing list newsletter for your family, friends, church group, email community, etc.

To enjoy all these advantages,
click here
to become a MyPassionUp member now.

Will the "regular" still be free?

Yes. Every day, hundreds of you tell us how important our greetings are to you and your friends and loved ones. So we continue to make many of our popular cards available to everyone, in the free PassionUp area.

We'll add two new "free" cards everyday, listed as one of the four new cards in the PassionUp Fun News email. So everyone will can access at least two new cards daily.

In addition, our public area will give access to the five all-time favorites in each of our 15 public categories -- 75 favorites in all.

But only MyPassionUp subscribers have access to all four new cards, and to the entire PassionUp collection of 2000+ selections.

So to enjoy and share the richest possible experience, subscribe to MyPassionUp now.

Help us continue our service to you

By asking our most ardent users to contribute a very small amount, PassionUp and MyPassionUp will be better able to provide the quality cards and convenience you want.

We know the results will be worth it to you. To see a sample of all the great features available on the MyPassionUp home page, click here.

See things you like? Then please join us in this effort to make as robust and inspiring a site as possible. Join now.

As always, there's still no limit on the number of cards you can send per day, or the number or people you can send to.

It's a great value.

MyPassionUp membership costs less than a dime per day ... just $2.95 a month after that. That's pennies (or less!) per card for many senders.

Sign up for a year and it's even less... Just $24.95 per year. That's over $10 off the month-by-month price, and includes an extra bonus... our inspirational poster!

Join for a year, and
get a free MyPassionUp poster


This FREE "Lessons of Life" poster by Bobette Bryan will be a lovely inspiration for you or someone close to you. It's easily a $5.95 value, comparable to posters that stores sell for much more. But "Lessons of Life" is not available in stores -- only to you when you subscribe to MyPassionUp on the yearly basis.

So, yearly or monthly, why not join MyPassionUp now?

Help support us, so
we can continue to support you better

Your MyPassionUp membership will enable us to continue bringing you great cards that motivate, inspire, help to share your love, reveal the beauty of life, renew faith and hope, and bring people closer together.

Isn't it worth a few pennies a day to help make the planet a happier, even more inspiring place? And to make a more convenient place for you each day?

Then become a member now, and start enjoying MyPassionUp cards and features right away.

To use the words of one of our greetings, MyPassionUp is "going to be better than you ever imagined."

Click to join MyPassionUp
right now!



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