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brochure cover     left & right reveals (barndoors)

Client: ClubFONE®
Media: 8-panel vest-pocket brochure



Introducing ClubFONE®
The nightlife guide that really talks to New Yorkers

Reveal heads: 

How to reach everyone, one-to-one

Where everyone goes before they go out

Body Copy: 

ClubFONE® is 777-CLUB®

It's the exciting new advertising medium that's as unique as your enterprise . . . the premier, interactive, 24-hour "information-by-telephone" directory with detailed information for everyone looking for clubs, music and nightlife venues in Manhattan.
      Now, anyone with access to a touch-tone telephone can directly dial (212) 777-CLUB® for all the information they need, to make their nightlife plans, anytime.
      Best of all, it's just a local call in New York City.
      ClubFONE® conveys your information -- including concept, exact location hours, prices and charges, attire, atmosphere and more -- to every prospective patron in an exciting way.

Inside headlines: 

Advertising that never stops working for you

Hotter, more convenient, more affordable than any printed guide

More than a guide ... It's guidance.

ClubFONE® makes things easy for everyone -- Including you!

Back Panel: 

Hear for yourself! Request a demonstration today!

[plus copy with all those headlines, of course.]


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