Copywriting, concepts and more. Also broad experience, fresh thinking and results. This way to my resume, samples, website URLs and such.

E.G. Smith socks and tights

About my work on this site
E.G. Smith is a long established brand of casual and fun socks and tights. I built this flagship site, administered it, wrote and edited the copy, and assisted in related marketing. The look and tone of the graphics and copy are intentionally un-flashy, in keeping with the brand personality and an extension of the packaging style.

The cart software required a splash page, but I implemented a work-around that allowed the site to be entered on any page.

Please contact me to view my work on this site. Due to a change in site ownership, I'm not involved with the version currently online.

online store

Other online experience:
Online store (fashion hosiery)
Online store (premium socks & tights)
Online sales letters (long copy)
Medical (pharmaceuticals)
IT consulting
Tech/Software Support
Industrial machinery (paper, printing)
Waterjet machining (industrial)
New consumer product (household accessory)
Custom paint manufacturer (industrial)
Online store (automotives)
Restaurant and wine bar
Real estate broker
Law firm (real estate)
Ski club
Branded legwear (B2B)
Brochure site (gift retailer)
My own site (part of my 9 years' SEO experience)

Other websites

Website video
Banner advertising


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