Copywriting, concepts and more. Also broad experience, fresh thinking and results. This way to my resume, samples, website URLs and such.

For's Ken Evoy, author of Make Your Site Sell...

About my work on these sites
Ken Evoy's company has become a leader in online affiliate and viral marketing, specializing in helping very
C L I E N T S   S A Y :
"Awesome work, oh great wordsmith! It's fun brainstorming with you, and you've provided some great insights. When you write site copy it's in good hands... thanks a million!" -- Ken Evoy, President & CEO, SiteSell, Inc.
small businesses get started and grow. I'm proud to have helped his business grow. got its start selling e-books aimed at this market, using microsites like the ones below. In writing these pages I collaborated and brainstormed with Ken. The results, in form and effect, are like online direct-marketing sales letters.
    SiteSell's flagship product, Site Build It!, is a package of site-building and e-marketing tools, guiding users in building online niche businesses through well-planned content development, organic SEO and online viral promotion. I am not involved in those sales pages, but have been a Certified Webmaster for SBI!a sort of private coach, enhancer, editor and help desk for SBI! owners.

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Make Your Site Sell! 2002
Sells a 1400-page ebook on positioning and building an commerce site, including search engine marketing and optimization. I revised most pages to suit the updated edition (its home page, at left, has always been 98% Ken's), and wrote the "What's New" page (quite logically, it's no longer online). This e-book is now free for the asking. Although some is dated, you'll still find plenty of usability and traffic-building gems for the mining. 

On the following sites, I was the principal writer. There have probably been some changes and updates since.
Make Your Knowledge Sell!
Tells people how to brainstorm, write and sell their own infoproducts. 

Make Your Price Sell!
An interesting low-cost approach to pricing research.  

Make Your Net Auction Sell!
An early book about selling on eBay and other auction sites.  

SiteSell Services
Sales letter for SBI! sitebuilding services for small businesses.  

PLEASE NOTE: You may also see pop-ups and major pages that I did not write.
Due to the change in SiteSell's focus and the company's continual growth and evolution, copy for these products may have changed or gone offline since I last checked.
Online store (fashion hosiery)
Online store (premium socks & tights)
E-books (long-copy online sales letters)
Writers Retreat (long-copy online sales letter)
Medical (pharmaceuticals)
IT consulting
Tech/Software Support
Industrial machinery (paper, printing)
Waterjet machining (industrial)
New consumer product (household accessory)
Custom paint manufacturer (industrial)
Online store (automotives)
Restaurant and wine bar
Real estate broker
Law firm (real estate)
Ski club
Branded legwear (B2B)
Brochure site (gift retailer)
My own site (part of my 9 years' SEO experience)
Other websites

Website video
Banner advertising


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