Copywriting, concepts and more. Also broad experience, fresh thinking and results. This way to my resume, samples, website URLs and such.

Other website work

In addition to the sites shown in my portfolio, I've worked on a variety of others. Here's a cross-section of them:
Merrill Lynch (for Channell Communications). It was the early days of web development. I wrote top level copy for the pre-beta version of the intranet, and edited the site's on-line style guide for new pages.
    There's nothing from that project to show here, but I have many print-media samples of work for clients in Financial and related areas. In this SEM specialist's major overhaul of its own site, I wrote home page copy, consulted on positioning theme, and wrote a number of pages. Also edited some of their newsletters. (Copywriting has since been brought in-house and evolved a lot.)
Axiom Audio. For this speaker designer & manufacturer, I wrote the top of the home page (since changed), revised the company profile and wrote the Store section's product-details pop-ups (oops, pop-ups are gone, too), with various additional copy comments and suggestions here and there throughout. Wrote a slew of banner ads, too. Nope, no produced samples of those, either.
An international trade site (for Icon-Nicholson Interactive). We were just getting up to speed on this project — I had managed a copy approach and position statement that made better sense of the existing domain name — when the client decided to move on to a totally unrelated new business idea. Ah, entrepreneurs! Since the project never made it to daylight, that's about all I should tell you.
NetValue, Inc. The company was introducing technology that allowed users to print coupons in a controlled process, for redemption at brick-and-mortar locations.
    I did the initial information architecture (before most people called it that), outlining several approaches. It was an innovative concept, and the product itself seemed to have evolved even faster than the website.
Site Build It! sites. I've been a Certified Webmaster for a product called Site Build It!. The product guides users in building online niche businesses through keyword market research, rich Web content, and the full array of online marketing techniques. and are two of the several SBI! sites I have been involved with. The owner of these had other sites that were graphically attractive, but were difficult to maintain and totally unfriendly to Search Engines. I redesigned the sites and installed them into SBI!, so now she is able to optimize them and write her own content using the SBI! interface.
• I also consult to other Site Build It! site owners on a task basis. This is an outgrowth of my earlier relationship with SBI!'s publisher, SiteSell, Inc..

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Other online experience:
Online store (fashion hosiery)
Online store (premium socks & tights)
E-books (long-copy online sales letters)
Writers Retreat (long-copy online sales letter)
Medical (pharmaceuticals)
IT consulting
Tech/software support
Industrial machinery (paper, printing)
Waterjet machining (industrial)
New consumer product (household accessory)
Custom paint manufacturer (industrial)
Online store (automotives)
Restaurant and wine bar
Real estate broker
Law firm (real estate)
Ski club
Branded legwear (B2B)
Brochure site (gift retailer)
My own site (part of my 9 years' SEO experience)

Website video
Banner advertising


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