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Improving your new-business proposals...

If your written presentations aren't pulling in the business they should, maybe your prospects aren't looking at your presentations the way you do. You're thinking "big picture," "unique capabilities" and all that, while your prospects are thinking about specific benefits to them. Or they may be distracted by technical concerns that you don't know about yet.

In the first situation, I can help you... benefit-oriented thinking is standard copywriting procedure. I can't necessarily help you with the second, but if you're just getting your toes wet in your prospective client's business (maybe they want someone who isn't used to doing the "same old thing"?), I will present your knowledge and capabilities -- and your ability to learn -- in their most positive light.

Or maybe your prospects are being distracted by mistakes that you should have known about. Have you proudly presented a distinctive collection of original spelling errors? Not cool.

Here's another danger: Sometimes readers get the wrong impression from the way you've organized things -- the wrong approach can easily make it look like you don't understand what's most important to their business.


  • Organize your pitch to meet their priorities.
  • Present the benefits of partnering with you.
  • Present your ability to develop the relationship and deliver as needed.
  • Have a qualified outsider at least check the spelling and grammar.
  • And if you're a web site developer, polish your your (did you catch that?) presentation as well as you would hone a client's Web pages.

Contact me. Whether we're starting from scratch or reviewing what you've already done, I'll help you highlight your company's special strengths, by seeing your presentation the way your prospect sees it.

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