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Handy software, marketing tools and publications you can use

  • SiteSell.com. "How-to" e-books and online tools to help small businesses and other marketers use the Internet more productively. One of them, the classic Make Your Site SELL!, updated and greatly enlarged as Make Your Site SELL! 2002, is a wonderland of knowledge on how to build and market a website, step by step. Virtually everything you need to know, and a great reference even if you know it all already. A few of the facts may be outdated, but the principles and other 95% are eternal.
          Other SiteSell.com titles detail how to set up profitable home-based businesses on the Web, and for businesses of any size, there is a nifty server-side tool for low-cost pricing research.
          And there is a unique package of capabilities called Site Build It!, that enables you to build, manage and promote your website for maximum traffic with no prior experience. Don't confuse this with the typical "website in a box"-type packages offered by ISPs. The emphasis here isn't on building a website; it's on building a niche business based on a sound plan. It's about assuring that your site will get traffic. In other wise, it's about building a site that works.    LEARN MORE  |   GO THERE

  • How To Put Your Book Together and Get a Job in Advertising (Newly Revised Ed., 2011)  What it says. By someone who knows.    LEARN MORE  |   GET IT at Amazon

  • SelfPromotion.com. If you're familiar with search engine optimization, you're ready to get your site listed. There are right ways, and wrong ways. SelfPromotion.com is one of the right ways. It's sweat equity, with a major dose of robotic (but not mindless!) assistance. You'll also find plenty of information and tools to help you optimize your site beforehand. Plus advice on where else to put your money, and not.
    Try these key pages right now:
        • How to make your site search engine friendly
        • Search Engine Submitting 101
        • Trends: A historical look
        • How to submit to Yahoo -- or should you?
    Makes even sweat-equity a no-sweat proposition.    GO THERE

  • WordTracker.com. If you're planning, building, writing or marketing a Web site, you need to how many people are searching for what on the Internet. WordTracker.com is one of the tools that professional search engine optimizers use profusely, because it not only tells you what phrases are popular, but how many sites are based on them — that makes it much easier to find a productive niche. And, great news, the free trial alone is very informative. If you need to dig deeper and wider, a membership is a sensible investment. (But note that a tool like this, and much more, is also available in the SiteSell Site Build It! product mentioned above.)    GO THERE

  • FinePrint 2000. Software that prints pages 2-up (etc.), previews and makes booklets, without changing your document.    LEARN MORE  |   GET IT

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader. "PDF" has become standard way to distribute formatted documents complete with fonts. To open PDF documents, get Adobe's free Acrobat Reader. (To create a PDF document, you need the full Adobe Acrobat program, although some utilities and programs are able to save as PDF with limited formatting.)    GET IT

  • PayNet Systems. Need a low-cost, low volume merchant account? Most of my clients pay by check, so I was looking for one with no monthly minimum, a very low monthly charge and a relatively low set-up fee. Turns out my existing merchant service provider made a great offer to existing customers, but if it hadn't been for that, I would have given this outfit a try. If their site doesn't show a plan that fits your needs, phone their sales department and say "Randall sent me." I don't guarantee anything, but it worked for me.     GO THERE

  • File compression. Compressing files not only lets you send them more quickly over the Internet, it also lets you send several files as one.     LEARN MORE

  • Tucows. One of several sites where you can get freeware, shareware and low-cost software for the PC and Mac.
    Brent Brotine Communications. If you need another good writer or speaker, but based in Chicago, give Brent a call. Ex agency creative director and past president of the Chicago chapter of the International Interactive Communications Society.

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