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A printer utility that saves paper, time, ... sometimes even your sanity.

FinePrint screen FinePrint 2000. Awash in paper? Having trouble printing a web page? Want to preview any print job? Use this very handy downloadable printing utility to...
Combine pages onto one sheet of paper without reformatting your document. Print 2-up, 4-up, etc.
Make small booklets -- it automatically sends the pages to the printer in the right order. The utility supports manual and automatic duplexing. Get yourself a saddle-stitch stapler, and you'll be making booklets like crazy. Going comparison shopping? Print out all your web research and take it to the stores with you -- in addition to fitting nicely into your pocket, the booklet's a lot easier to refer to on sales floor than a messy bunch of pages. Have to read a long document when you "get a chance"? Take it with you, and suddenly your spare time becomes useful. And now FinePrint can break a long document into "signatures" -- small groups of 20 pages or so. Fold, stack and staple them, just like a real book is bound. (Hold them together with binder clips, or get a heavy-duty stapler.) There's only one problem with this work method: You may need a small extra shelf for all those temporary booklets.
Preview your printing. Then decide whether you want to print more than one page per sheet, or pass the document to the printer unchanged. You can even delete any unwanted pages before you print... (Before Microsoft Internet Explorer had print-preview, this is what I did. Now, I print-preview in combination with FinePrint to solve the "text cut-off on the right side" problem. Here's how.)
Keep records -- For example, to save an acknowledgement web page, just print it to Fineprint and save.
Print or save "unprintable" or "unsavable" web pages -- Now you can store those pages for future reference.
    You select FinePrint just like any "real" printer. FinePrint is low-priced, carries a satisfaction guarantee from the publisher, and by saving you time (not to mention trees) it will probably pay for itself in days.

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