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A remarkably efficient site-building solution
for small retailers and service providers...

If you're a retailer or a small service-provider thinking about building your first website, you'd probably rather concentrate on its business aspects — instead of the technical details of planning, building and marketing it. But a big web developer may be way outside your budget. Here are a couple alternatives, both pretty affordable.



2. Learn more about Site Build It!Consider a new site-marketing concept called Site Build It!  For someone who (a) sells a service, or (b) is a retailer wanting to attract people and entice them into your "brick-and-mortar" store, this may be your simplest solution.

If you've toured the rest of my you may have noticed that I don't link to a lot of products and services. Site Build It! is one of the exceptions, because it's of interest to some of my own clients and associates with relatively small businesses — particularly service providers and retailers. I know, as a copywriter and creative consultant, that a website can (and should) be more than a mere "web presence," without its having to be an actual online store. In other words, your site should be more than what amounts to a photo-and-business-card-with-map. Site Build It! gets you past that stage, in record time, at minimal cost.

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The name "Site Build It!" is actually a misnomer, because, although it builds a respectable website for you — pretty much automatically — it also does all the marketing drudge work for you, too. That's the really unique thing about it!

Site Build It! does all this...

• digs up the data for researching your niche
• guides you in developing your Web-marketing strategy
• web hosting
• designs the site, giving you you a variety options
• guides you in optimizing your site for search engines, following essentially the same principles I describe on my SEO page
• submits it to search sites
• maintains all of this, month to month
• helps you do responsible, effective e-mail marketing
• and more
all for only a few hundred dollars a year

If I didn't know better, I'd say it sounds too good to be true. But I know the company, SiteSell.com. Its principal, Ken Evoy, has one of the best reputations on the Internet for integrity and for offering real value. After years of building that reputation in other online ventures, he's turned this product into an even more special labor of love.

See other Site Build It! sites.

One important note — Site Build It! is positioned as a way to research and start an online business. (In particular, its site and documentation talk a lot about creating an "Affiliate" site... that's a site that guides visitors to other sites, who pay commissions.)

But if you're a brick-and-mortar retailer you're certainly not limited to that! You can just as easily use your new site to attract potential customers, impress them with your offers, products and expertise, and guide those new customers to your "real world" store. Also offer your current customers valuable help online, to reinforce your relationship and encourage repeat sales. It's among the best of retailer website packages.

If you have a small service or physical retail business, I suggest you take a look, and see if this is a viable solution for you...

Better yet, try it. SiteSell.com offers a Satisfaction Guarantee. I think you'll quickly see ways that Site Build It! capabilities can make your site an extension of your business, without a major investment in design and hosting. It lets you concentrate on exploring the potential business aspects of your new site, without spending a minute more than necessary on the mechanics.

By the way — if you like, I can help in that exploration.

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