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Advertiser: Kentucky Highlands Assn (proposed)
"Meet the Mountains"

Kentucky mountain, wait for me;
Whistling sparrow in the old pine tree;
Rustling wind that says I'm free;
Kentucky mountain, wait for me.

V.O.: Country music doesn't come from Nashville; it comes from the heart. From inspiration. And for generations, that inspiration has come from the peaceful mountains of eastern Kentucky.

It's so quiet and beautiful here, no wonder some of our best known products are folk and country singers.

And the same hills that inspired mountain music can also inspire your family. Come spend a week camping or fishing. Or hiking. Or visit little one-room shops full of mountain craftwork. And just spend some time together.

To see how simple a great vacation can be, write Chamber of Commerce, Perry County, Kentucky or call 800-555-5555

Meet the mountains that inspired the music. They're waiting.

SINGER:Kentucky mountain, wait for me.

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