Randall Rensch, Marketing Communication Concepts and Copywriting
To show perspective, here's a cross-section of accounts I've worked on in this area over the years. Some a little, some a lot. Please call or write for more information.


  • Press Releases: Körber Paperlink companies; Sprint/ClubFONE; SiteSell.com; various small marketers ranging a from home improvement contractor, to a hospital, to community organizations; AlliedSignal Fibers; Domco Commercial Flooring
  • Articles/Advertorials: Editor and writer for Edge Studio (weekly articles, web content, marketing, etc. related to voice-over production and coaching); Körber Paperlink companies (various articles 4000-12,000 words, and web pages); Article on data storage technology; others
  • Newsletters: Northfield Savings Bank (writer); Swiss Ski Club of New York (Editor); a tenants' association (Editor); articles for NYPC computer club
  • Newsletter Promotion:Prentice Hall (Credit & Collection Manager's Letter)
  • Books and online: Quoted in several publications on copywriting. Contributed to development of The Complete Guide to Creating Successful Brochures (Gedney/Fultz), and am quoted in it
  • Ebook promotion: Online sales letters for various ebooks published by SiteSell, Inc.
  • Former news reporter
  • Journalism degree, U. of Illinois
This is just part of my broad experience in marketing communications.
The list is not necessarily all-inclusive, and not everything is of the same weight. Since I didn't work directly for many of these companies, it should not be construed as a list of references or endorsements. Websites may have changed since my involvement.
Randall Rensch, Marketing Communication Concepts and Copywriting