Randall Rensch, Marketing Communication Concepts and Copywriting
To show perspective, here's a cross-section of accounts I've worked on in this area over the years. Some a little, some a lot. Please call or write for more information.


  • Hotel de Crillon, Paris
  • JeniLyn fashion jewelry
  • The Fashion Channel
  • LegwearDirect.com
  • E.G. Smith socks
  • Citra gold jewelry
  • Samplings Restaurant
  • Rawlings Activewear
  • Brut Men's Wear
  • AlliedSignal Fibers (home decor)
  • Domco Residential Flooring
  • Azrock Commercial Flooring
  • Etienne lingerie
  • Grolsch beer
  • Wickers thermal wear
  • Leg Resource, Inc.
  • Real estate marketing for developers and for agents in upscale locations
This is just part of my broad experience in marketing communications.
The list is not necessarily all-inclusive, and not everything is of the same weight. Since I didn't work directly for many of these companies, it should not be construed as a list of references or endorsements. Websites may have changed since my involvement.
Randall Rensch, Marketing Communication Concepts and Copywriting