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Nissan Sentra SE-R 1992 B-13 ("classic")

Strut assembly rubber and potential wear parts

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The parts shown are the candidates for preventive-maintenance replacement when replacing the struts and/or springs. (Parts not shown should be inspected, but are more durable.)
These are stock parts. This list is probably gross overkill, but if you've got the bucks, several
SE-R Mailing List members recommended replacing all the rubber parts, plus the gasket and the thrust bearing (only the front has a thrust bearing). Note that although the insulator is made of metal, it has a rubber insert.

List members who responded all mentioned the front's Thrust Bearing. One of them advised that this bearing is prone to breaking when the strut assembly is taken apart, and can cause steering wheel re-centering problems and low-speed noise if broken ones are reused. (But, he advises, if you have camber plates, the stock thrust bearing won't last.)

If not picking up your order in person, I suggest you clearly print it, including descriptions (not just numbers) and fax it to avoid confusion. Nissan's various exploded views are reportedly semi-generic, the numbers on the fiche aren't necessarily the same as the actual part numbers, some parts are identical front-and-back but have different numbers, and Nissan numbers apparently vary even when the parts might be (I'm told) the same. Sigh.

(Thanks to everyone who gave input. I've left names out because some e-mails were private and we didn't discuss a web page. Some are in the SE-R Mailing List Archive, Mar 20-23, 2000.)

(Reminder: This is an amateur page. Confirm with a parts expert before buying.)

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FRONT Sentra SE-R front strut gasket, mounting insulator
Sentra SE-R front suspension thrust bearing, upper seat, upper rubber seat
Sentra SE-R front suspension bound bumper rubber (strut dust cover), lower rubber seat
Sentra SE-R front suspension, Not shown: bolt-knuckle nut


REAR Sentra SE-R front suspension, gasket, mounting insulater with rubber insert
Sentra SE-R front suspension, upper rubber seat, bound bumper rubber (strut dust cover)
Sentra SE-R front suspension, Not shown: bolt knuckle nuts, upper spring seat

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