Randall Rensch, Marketing Communication Concepts and Copywriting 

How to get the SBI! Action Guide

I'm eager to help you get underway, to coach you and assist you with brainstorming and planning. Then when it's time to actually build your site, I can write and polish content, help with the technical stuff, advise and coach, even run your website and help you make it grow.
      In short, you do what you know and do best, decide how spend your time most fruitfully, and let me help with the rest. Just not everything.

That's why I strongly urge you to try the Solo Build It! for a month or three, which is plenty of time to read its SBI! Action Guide before hiring assistance.

      It will help you determine your needs and understand what you are asking for. Especially important as you start out, you'll understand what our respective roles should be during the SBI! brainstorming process (also known as keyword market research).

      The Action Guide is no longer free, but SiteSell Inc provides something even better -- a 90-day, risk-free Guarantee. (Click through for the no-strings details.) What's better about it? Well, metaphorically the SBI! concept is a 10-day process. In real life it will probably take you longer than that (other things in your life, getting absorbed in some of the more interesting parts, breaking up some of the "busywork," natural procrastination, whatever). But you'll surely learn a LOT -- including whether SBI! is right for you -- long before the 90 days are up. Even if you ask for a full refund, you'll still take away much of tremendous value -- Insights that are yours to keep forever.

To learn more about the SBI! Action Guide ... go to  https://ag.sitesell.com//grow.html

To learn about the many tools that come with SBI!, visit http://tools.sitesell.com/grow.html.

Randall Rensch, Marketing Communication Concepts and Copywriting