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 I do the one thing that SBI! doesn't do. 
And (almost) everything else, if you want.

Your Loyal WebmasterLooking for a webmaster, information architect and writer/editor, all in one? You've clicked on 25 years of synergistic experience in marketing communications, including website-building since 1996. Most of the things that SBI! makes easier, I've done the hard way. What a relief to know you've found the relatively easy route.

But still, even with SBI! — someone still has to write your content.

      Back when SBI! was a fairly new product (or is it a service?) I was one of the program's first Certified Webmasters, handling the technical aspects of many SBI! sites. I'm no longer SBI "Certified," and SBI! has changed quite a lot since then (including the name, and all for the better), but I understand the Solo Build It! concept, SBI!, am fluent in HTML, use site-building templates and tools (and hand-code), understand JavaScript, PHP, grasp social media, have studied usability, and am even pretty good at art direction. But my main line of work is content. Copy. Communication. And if you're selling, that needs to boiled down to ... motivation.
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      As experienced Internet communicators say, "content is king," so you want it to be right.
      I've worked for large ad agencies and web developers, for creative boutiques, large and midsize companies, and plenty of little guys — including hundreds of retailers, large and small. I've also been the webmaster of several other sites built before SBI! existed. And I'm proud to have won an Effie award, which is given specifically for marketing effectiveness.

      Working with a flexible, experienced copywriter is often the most cost-efficient way to improve the effectiveness of your site. Copywriters are nature's Information Architects, so involve your writer early in the project.

I can take your SBI! project from big idea right through the proofreading, and help keep it up-to-date.

But with me, later is okay, too, because as a longtime freelancer I'm used to jumping into the middle of projects. In fact, maybe all you need is an experienced outside viewpoint and some skillful editing.

As for the rest of the work, you can do it yourself.
Or leave much of it to me.

      As Solo Build It!'s creator, Ken Evoy, himself would tell you, his marvelous product makes everything easier (and affordable!), but there is still a system of things you need to do.
Learn more about Solo Build It! Solo Build It! (formerly called "Site Build It!") flattens the learning curve, so you could do it all yourself.
But you may prefer to concentrate on the core of your business, and leave site-building details and webmastering to a specialist like me.

One way or another, it's time to get started.

Solo Build It! doesn't just build a website. It builds businesses. And building a real business requires commitment. I can't personally guarantee that you'll succeed, but SBI!'s creator, Ken Evoy, does assure you this about his product...
SBI! creator Ken Evoy wants you to succeed...
Ken says:
"If you simply follow the Action Guide, . . . you will succeed. You have no choice. It's not quite connect the dots or color by numbers. But it's pretty close. You add your knowledge, your particular skill sets related to your passion, your hobby, your business, your service... whatever it is that you bring to the table. . . .
      Commitment guarantees that you will succeed, just like tens thousands of SBIers. . . .
      [However,] it is not possible to build a real business, anywhere, anyhow, in 'a few hours.' So SBI! is not A-B-C-get-rich-quick-easy. Real business is simply not that way... it takes some work to build a business. But using SBI! to build a genuine, profitable BUSINESS online is much easier than any other way to build a Web business. It eliminates the difficult, the tedious, the complex -- it cuts your time (and DOLLAR!) requirements to succeed by 90%."
          — SBI! Creator Ken Evoy,
              SiteSell President and CEO

That was Ken. This is me...
      I, too, want you to succeed. So first, I want to know you're making the commitment that building a successful business requires.
      I can save you time. I can guide and coach you, so that you save even more time. I can handle the mechanics, from start to finish, or any part of the process. I can write, or edit, and I can teach you how to research and expand your knowledge of your topic. But only *you* can make certain decisions, especially those where you choose the most profitable niche for your site.
      So before you hire a webmaster, I STRONGLY urge you to read the rest of this page, and also the SBI! Action Guide (see download instructions below), so you'll understand what your commitment needs to be.

Stop dreaming. Start pursuing your dream!
      Please don't expect me to do everything for you. That would be pricey. And it's not necessary. The great thing about SBI! is that it guides you in doing what you, yourself, do best

Whatever that is.

Just start at the beginning, and take it one step at a time.
The first step in the SBI! process is determining what content niche is best for you.
      This part of SBI! is about pursuing your love of a subject, learning what parts of that subject interest other people most, and discovering which parts are not already being served by other websites. It's about researching niches and determining what kind and size of niche is most likely to be profitable. If you already have a small "real-world" business, SBI! is about positioning your website to bring maximum convertible traffic to your business.
It's about planning, to succeed.
Instead of learning later why you didn't.

      That up-front "brainstorming" is essential to the SBI! content/traffic-building process. Actual sitebuilding begins only after you've done the market research.
      So, brainstorming tools are an integral part of the SBI! package. (In fact, that module has just been improved!)

Brainstorming requires you to explore imaginatively, make judgements based on what you learn, and decide which forks in the road to take. These are things that, in my opinion, you are best qualified to do. I can offer guidance with a technical or strategic question. But please don't ask me to do it all for you, especially if you don't already have a general subject in mind or don't have the time and interest to participate significantly in the process.
What I'll need from you:
I strongly recommend that you do the brainstorming.
I'll be available to help with a technical question (and there's also SiteSell Support for that), and to coach you if you get stuck for ideas. But only you know what goals and interests are most important to you

... those that will truly continue to energize you, and keep you motivated over time. Even if I could devine your experiences, interests and goals to the point where I could do it all for you, the cost of that process, reporting results to you, and repeated fine-tuning is prohibitive for many individuals. Why not do it better yourself, when you can do it free?
      Hot Tip: If you don't know what in your head is worth writing about, the SBI! brainstorming process helps you explore your interests — yet another reason to do this part yourself!
(Still think you can skip the content part? Click here.)
And this bit of irony will save you even more money...
      As I said, I'm a writer. But when you do the brainstorming right, when you've chosen the subject you love, you may not even need a writer. If the information you offer is truly valuable to people, and if you really know the subject, odds are you can write well enough to communicate. (To learn more about that approach, click here.)
      I can edit, help organize, make it smoother, make it sell better (with just the right tone), and keep you on track, but I'll never know as much as you do about corgis, Corfu, collectible candles, Cadillacs, cardiac health, or whatever.
      A good copywriter/client or webmaster/client relationship is always a matter of teamwork.
The first step to your success
      If you know your subject, or have an existing business, or believe you can bring together information that people are seeking — and especially if you have the dedication and energy to stick with it — it's time to get started.

Know what you need? Then it's time to... ask me for an estimate.
Already following the Action Guide? Then save time and... build on your success.
Don't know what you need? It's time to... read the SBI! Action Guide — FREE.

Okay, you've read the Action Guide (or are starting to)... It's time to

(Little question? Email me at any point!)
In summary, here are the steps to take:

1. Read the SBI! Action Guide, so you understand what tasks only you can do, and why. And see how Site Build It! makes them go a lot quicker than other methods.
2. Learn more about how my services as a webmaster or copywriter can make your site even easier to build and more effective. See the links below, or write me now, or call
718-577-0005 during USA business hours, and tell me something about your current situation and your objectives.

3. Receive an estimate and course of action.

To learn more about me:

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