Freelance Copywriter Randy Rensch -- More than copywriting. Also broad experience, fresh thinking and results. Here are more than a dozen valuable ways I can help your advertising, sales promotion and other marketing communications.

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Design isn't just pictures, and writing's not just words. Here are more than a dozen ways you can benefit by calling on a broadly experienced writer...

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  • Concepts and copywriting
  • Creative for all media -- print, broadcast and New
  • Strategic development
  • Campaign development or extension
  • Creative review
  • Copy/Contact for agencies and media
  • Presentations
  • Information Architecture
  • Search Engine Optimization and Website Marketing
  • Basic web site construction
  • Press releases and editorial
  • Working the phone
  • Temporary replacement
  • Free preproduction proofreading
  • Americanization
  • Radio
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    C L I E N T S   S A Y :
    "I want to compliment you on the letter and postcard that you designed for our company. 'That's beautiful' are the first words that come out of people's mouths when I show them your creation." -- Sheldon Lebowitz, CAL Mailing Services, Gaithersburg, MD

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    Concepts and copywriting

    Full-time freelance for advertising and sales promotion of all kinds. Available on a project or daily basis.[to page menu]

    All media

    Advertising • consumer brochures • business brochures (product, services, capability, etc.) • sales leave-behinds • direct mail • dealer support and sales promotion • sales letters • Internet and intranet Web sites • other interactive media • advertorials • detailed product profiles • merchandising materials • catalogs • newsletters • FSIs • presentation kits • white papers • spec sheets • simple manuals • marketing and creative platforms • proposals • multimedia • television • radio • other media mentioned below [to page menu]

    Strategic development

    I'm proud to have won an Effie, because it's given for marketing effectiveness. Having marketed a broad array of product and services over the years, I contribute experience, special perspective, and insights to help you maximize your market potential and examine all your options. My experience in this area includes building strategies from scratch as well as pulling together strategic input from multiple departments into a single coherent document. [to page menu]

    Campaign development or extension

    You set the direction and do the glory work; I'll build from there. Maybe you already have one ad or commercial done already, and want me to do the others. Or, I'll take your concept into other media, being sure to take maximum advantage of each medium's special characteristics.   [to page menu]

    Creative review

    Are you using "copywriting best practices"? I offer a reduced-rate, comprehensive review of your ad, brochure, direct mail package, site or other creative project (as well as proposals, etc.) It's an economical way to get meaningful feedback from an uninvolved writer who sees the project with fresh eyes -- as your customer sees it. I may confirm your confidence in a good creative execution (and say why), but I will also identify things that might be confusing, show how strong points could be extended, eliminate wordiness, and suggest other potential improvements. One thing I won't do is pan everything, in a crudely disguised pitch for new business; that's not what this is about. (For one thing, I can only make an educated guess about what your real marketing objectives were, unless you tell me.) I'll be constructive, give you sound reasons why and possibly suggest ways to do it better. [to page menu]


    Live or on-screen. Any kind of screen -- laptop, video, slide module, or multimedia. It needs to be fresh and interesting, but the creativity should enhance or reinforce your message, not distract from it. The message itself needs to be clear, succinct and persuasive. Unlike a brochure or commercial, with a presentation you don't get a second chance. Also see my tips on proposals. [to page menu]

    Copy/contact for agencies and media

    I've dealt directly with clients since the beginning of my career, and am experienced at fact-finding, determining goals, communicating strategies, etc., with or without your presence. This isn't my standard procedure (it's nice to have the full benefit of your account service personnel), but when you're short on time or people, it often helps. [to page menu]


    Live or on-screen. Any kind of screen -- laptop, video, slide module, or multimedia. [to page menu]

    Information Architecture

    Did you know the term "information architecture" dates back to 1975? It's not just about Web sites, but also for presentations, proposals, strategies, business plans and other complex documents. A good writer tends to do this by nature.
        By nature, I am a student of online usability in particular. See my (now ancient) article on "Writers and Web Sites" about why many copywriters are natural (and in my case, experienced) information architects.     [to page menu]

    Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing

    See my article on "Copywriting and Search Engine Optimization" and my SEO Copywriter's Checklist. I specialize in what's called "organic" (or natural) search engine optimization, which means relying on the content and other visible and encoded text that should be on your website anyway. It's a natural outgrowth of copywriting. Intelligently incorporating keywords into your pages' copy and site description is something of an art. Different search engines and directories have different ways of looking at things — what they look for on your page and throughout your site, what they value most in cataloguing and ranking, what can penalize you, how long a site description they'll allow.
        You'll benefit from using a versatile interactive writer who can make your site look better to search engines without degrading its appeal to humans (your first priority, of course). Even if you just need to develop click-through-inducing site descriptions of various lengths, it helps to adapt them on a case-by-case basis ... not just chopping out some words, but using a writer with a good knowledge of your business and industry. Someone skilled at blending-in keywords, and with your larger business interests at heart. [to page menu]

    Basic web site construction

    In addition to writing websites, I've created some from scratch, improved some, and administer several of them, including a couple of online stores. Working closely with you, I'll deliver a site that works well and communicates clearly. I'm fluent in HTML, pretty good at JavaScript, and have the right software tools. If you need more advanced technology and graphic design, specialists are on call. Or, if you want something really easy (and even more affordable) that you can run yourself, consider Site Build It!, a comprehensive site-building and search-engine-marketing package that automatically does almost everything but the thinking for you. Except for the copywriting ... and I can help you with that. [to page menu]

    Press releases and editorial

    I write newsletters, editorial articles and press releases from time to time, usually as part of a comprehensive overall advertising/promotional project. [to page menu]

    Working the phone

    No, not sales calls. But I often use the phone to gather up the product story before writing begins. For example: canvassing retailers for testimonials. Or phoning district offices and their customers to nail down case history details. [to page menu]

    Temporary replacement

    If you're located in the New York City area, call when you're short-staffed. I've filled in at every level from creative director to junior copywriter. This helps you remain sane and fresh during peak periods, keeps you fully capable during vacation season, and lets you take all the time you need to find the right replacement for a departed staffer. [to page menu]


    I'm not a "full-time proofreader," and for maximum peace of mind you should use one.*   But I'll double-check your final version of my copy at no extra charge. Who wants a sample with a mistake that crept in during layout or last-minute changes? Send me the finished page (pdf, URL, proof, script, etc.) while there's still reasonable time for us to do something about it, have your regular proofreader(s) check it, too, and give me some samples when done. [to page menu]


    If your copy is intended for an American audience, but your writer or translator speaks British, don't go straight to print. The difference between British English and US English (even North American English) is more than a matter of words and spelling. It involves vernacular phrases, spotting regionalisms, changing hackneyed phrases, even differences in tone, and stuff you can't quite put your finger on. So ask me to put my fingers on it. I'm a genuine United States copywriter, it doesn't necessarily cost much to Americanize (if it needs nothing, I'll say so), and I've done this before. [to page menu]


    Yes, I know radio is covered above, but I want to give it special attention -- something radio writing gets too little of. Earlier in my career, I wrote a few thousand commercials, but I don't get to do as many as I'd like these days.
        Here are some radio copy samples. If needed, I can provide finished production, demo or voiceover capability, too. I'm an experienced radio producer and voice actor. Whether you've already written one spot and need two more, could use some script development, or just want to farm it all out so you can do other stuff, you'll find me as flexible as the medium itself. [to page menu]

    For more details, e-mail me now, or request an estimate.


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