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Randall Rensch, Copywriter:
Clients say...

With my nearly two decades' freelance copywriting experience and many, many repeat customers (plus agency staff experience), this page could be longer than you have time for. But my clients and I are often too busy to get around to this.

Besides, quantity isn't what to look for. Instead, consider what they say. If you like fresh, excellent work ... strategic, results-oriented thinking ... and a pleasant working relationship with a copywriter who sorts things out and hits the target on time, time after time, these clients would tell you I'm your guy.

The Faulkner Group
"Randy, I find your writing absolutely engaging. You write with wit, intelligence, style, power and flair. Regardless of the time constraints we have to deal with, I have never been disappointed. You always come through with copywriting that is powerful, insightful, and strategically correct." — Steven Faulkner, The Faulkner Group, Inc., Edmond, OK

Edge Studio (voiceover recording and training,
"Randy is amazing! Our four departments totally rely on him at this point. He gets the big picture objectives and fills in all the small details. And the best part is that he consistently catches things about our industry that even we miss. As a result he greatly enhances everything our company puts out in literature form. As our company continues to grow, each new employee is amazed at what he does. As the CEO, I personally vouch for Randy, and strongly encourage anyone needing a writer to work with him." — David Goldberg, Edge Studio LLC, Founder and Chief Edge Officer

SiteSell, Inc.
"Awesome work, oh great wordsmith! It's fun brainstorming with you, and you've provided some great insights. When you write site copy it's in good hands... thanks a million!" — Ken Evoy, President & CEO, SiteSell, Inc.

Körber AG (Körber Paperlink companies /
Congratulations to you, Randy! I must say I really appreciate your way of understanding things and suggesting the best possible solution. The feedback was very good and they have changed very, very little. This is a great sign. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome - thank you very much!" — Mirjam M. Müller, Corporate Communications, Körber AG
"This review is awesome!!! Wow money well spent...superb!!!! I had no idea what a copywriter could do for us, but now I see the immense value in this sort of service. I hope we can hire you again, I don't think we'll ever want to use anyone else. This is just a fantastic job!!" — Arthur Hunter,

Marketing Partners
"Your TV copy was excellent. Thanks so much for your help. You helped us give expression to the ideas we wanted to get across to the viewers!" — Marketing Partners Springdale, AR

"Randy, you are down to earth and real. I know I can rely on you to know my business and style very well. You quickly make sense of our input. Many thanks for all your efforts." — Wendy Freid, ClubFONE, Inc. NYC

CAL Mailing Services
"I want to compliment you on the letter and postcard that you designed for our company. 'That's beautiful' are the first words that come out of people's mouths when I show them your creation." — Sheldon Lebowitz, CAL Mailing Services, Gaithersburg, MD

Biz Book Writers Retreat
"Thanks for creating a marvelous online sales letter. Your knowledge is top-notch. I had peace of mind knowing that you would give me a quality message with a professional layout. I truly appreciate your help." — Joan Clout-Kruse, America's Book Coach,

Proxyconn, Inc.
"Thank you for the redesign of our home page. The new page, designed [and rewritten – rr] by you, achieves 50% higher visitor conversion ratio, than our old one (which was designed with outside help too)." — Proxyconn, Inc., connection software provider

A&E Mortgage
"Thanks -- You did a great job." — Alma Eckert, A&E Mortgage Corporation

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