Giving away cake, KFC takes the cake, too.

“My whole life, I’ve paid for chocolate cake!”

So says a senior no-nonsense football coach, refusing to accept a free cake being offered him, to a confused Col. Sanders’ consternation. The commercial says it’s free with a 10-piece meal.

Why I love it: Saw the commercial once, just now. In one showing, it caught my attention, within the first 10 seconds or so, clearly showed me what they were selling, and who the advertiser is, and made me feel good.

Granted, if I weren’t professionally curious to see who is playing the role of Col. Sanders this week (they seem to have used more actors than Law and Order), maybe I wouldn’t have paid attention so quickly. And, although I’m a sucker for any moist, gooey chocolate cake, I’m unlikely to visit KFC for more than my yearly treatbucket. I’m not even sure chocolate cake is a perfect desert match for fried chicken.

But as a commercial, it worked.

Most advertising relies on — and benefits from — repetition, but if you can do it quicker, so much the better. It leaves more in the budget to do even more.

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