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Advertising Copy and Concepts

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The Hotel Built by a King
Hotel de Crillon, Paris   Detail

Meet the mountains that inspired the music
Eastern Kentucky   Detail

AlliedSignal Fibers Co-op   Detail

advertising concept: hand cleaner
The difference between you and a
professional mechanic is, he knows how to wash his hands

GoJo waterless hand cleaner   Detail

Norden Systems   Detail

Purina Fit & Trim   Detail

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post card
IBM   Detail

medical eligibility and collections

IT systems consultant   Detail

brochure cover     left & right reveals (barndoors)

ClubFONE   Detail

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website: online hosiery store

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I've planned, built, written and managed several online stores, and have written content for many more.

website: microsites for e-products

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Several long-copy microsites for e-books and other products. I'm also a consultant to small internet companies using the marketing product that emerged from this.

website: real estate broker

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A Colorado real estate broker. Not big-corporate copy (although I've written that online, too). Just nice, friendly common sense with a strong USP.

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"Shoe Testing"

Blacksmith Shoe Stores
This radio spot, recognized by the National Retail Merchants Association, plays as a 180K MP3 file. To hear it, click on the button above, or click here. (If you're on a dial-up connection, there might be a minute delay the first time.) To play it in higher fidelity or other formats, or to download a player for your computer, go to my radio copywriting page.

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"He's Selling His Home"

A low-budget script using stock footage. (The original idea was to pan on a man in a hammock.)

To play in .MOV format, click here.

"15-Minute Breakfast"

International House of Pancakes
A good TV idea can be understood with the sound off. I'll be adding the audio to this later. Meanwhile, what do you think? (By the way, we produced a cheaper version of this. Not so dramatic, but it helped win an Effie for the campaign overall.)

To play in .MOV format, click here.

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I've brought my imagination, analysis and results-oriented viewpoint to a wide variety of marketing projects over the past 25 years. My freelance and staff copywriting has helped sell billions of dollars' worth of consumer, commercial and industrial products and services. My work has won an Effie Award for its effectiveness.
  • Synergistic balance of consumer and business-to-business experience.
  • Have worked on the staffs of large and small advertising agencies, and radio and TV, including McCaffrey & McCall Direct and Marsteller, for marketers and products such as T. Rowe Price, IHOP, Anso nylon, United Technologies, and major banks.
  • I freelance for agencies and directly for marketers of many kinds and all sizes, specializing in copy and concepts. Freelance clients have included agencies such as Wunderman, Saatchi, WPP's BEN Marketing and Pace, and accounts ranging from Chase, Legg Mason, Kodak and IBM, to IHOP, Dick's Sporting Goods, and E.G. Smith socks.
  • Results over the years have included: a mailing to high-level executives that drew a 40% response . . . a presentation kit that led to $10-million in sales from the first prospect that saw it . . . case-study brochures demonstrating an industry leader's ability to protect billion-dollar facilities.
  • Experience in virtually every medium, including writing Web sites since 1996.

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    I'll estimate your job in advance. If you want, we can make it a simple fixed fee for the project. (In that case, you'll need to accurately predict the schedule, the nature of your input, and a few other factors.)
        Or I can work by the hour, with a cap or stages built-in. My rate is less than you might expect for a senior copywriter, and I work fast. Your place or mine.
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    Randall Rensch, Marketing Communication Concepts and Copywriting 
    8355 Austin Street, Kew Gardens NY 11415        718-577-0005