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Conceptual development —
Case: Fast-food breakfast

THE PRODUCT : International House of Pancakes was facing increased breakfast competition from fast-food franchises.

THE PROJECT : Our "15-Minute Breakfast" campaign for International House of Pancakes won an Effie. There actually was a convenient IHOP next to a railroad spur, so we could have produced this. But the budget dictated a simple in-store shoot. (I think McDonald's did something like this a few years later.)

ROOKIE TRAINMAN: The train has to leave in ... 15 minutes
CONDUCTOR: Just enough time for breakfast...

CONDUCTOR: ... at the International House of Pancakes.
ROOKIE: At a restaurant?

CONDUCTOR: We want breakfast, and we only have 15 minutes.
WAITRESS: No problem

V.O.: IHOP has 25 breakfasts you can order and enjoy, all inside 15 minutes on weekdays. From $1.XX.

V.O.: So if you want a real breakfast, you have time to enjoy it inside the International House of Pancakes....

V.O.: ... the Breakfast Specialists.
CONDUCTOR (looks at watch): Exactly!


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