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Small-business web hosting —
A business needs a business plan.
Your website needs one, too.

Even the smallest business needs a plan. I see it demonstrated again and again. My main line of work is marketing communications. For decades I've been building traffic and sales for companies huge and tiny. Part of that has involved websites. Been building those, too, for more than a decade.

Looking first for an HTML programmer? A site designer?
You're looking for the wrong thing.

There are some really talented designers and programmers around. But they're not where to start. Because the old saying is truer that ever -- "Content is King." And, if you want traffic to your site, even content is not enough.

Where does traffic come from? Planning.

For your site to draw visitors, it takes up-front research and market planning. Find out what people are really looking for, and what other sites, if any, provide it. In other words, you need content of real value to people who are searching for it on the Web. Otherwise, you have a nice site, one that you can refer clients, friends and your mother to, but that's about it.

How NOT to use my services.

I'm not suggesting you hire me to research and build your site for you. For one thing, that gets pretty expensive.

After all, I'm not you. I'd have to interview you, do the research, give you reports, discuss, fine tune and do it all again, till we identify a potentially lucrative search engine market niche. And that's before we've chosen a domain name.

And then, to maximize your traffic, I'd recommend you add more pages to your site regularly, until it's really robust. Submit them to search engines and track the results. Refer to a library of traffic-building ideas and implement some of them. Maybe even offer a simple newsletter (automate the mailing list, of course), or some sort of emailed "course," to encourage visitor loyalty. That's how you build traffic and produce results.

To hire me, anyone, to do all this for you would be very expensive, even at minimum wage. (And, sorry, I don't work for anywhere near that.)


Here's how you can use my services: Let me coach you, only as needed.

I'll direct you to the right industry-standard tools, ones that any amateur can use. I'll guide you in pulling together all these efforts yourself, in a logical step-by-step fashion. You decide how fast or slow to go. Just so you do it all in the proper order. If you need a technical tip, thought starters, or help with a specific task, that's when to call on me.

And here's my first bit of advice, free. Look into a program called Site Build It!. It enables you do all of the above in a unified framework, including domain name registration and hosting, for about what you'd pay for hosting alone.

I'm a former Certified Webmaster for this program.

For almost a decade, thousands of small businesses and entrepreneurs have been using this program, with remarkable traffic success. Out of millions of sites on the web, 35% of SBI! sites rank within the top 1% of all sites. 62% scored in the top 3% ( Traffic Study). Its traffic-building methods are proven to work.

Take a few more minutes to learn how...
      • To research your most profitable market niche
      • To build your own site without knowing HTML
      • To build a site that search engines l-o-v-e
      • To build MORE than a site -- build the foundation of a true business
      • Or to build a site that truly enhances your existing business

      ...all because you can do the advance research, the content, the newsletter thing, everything, without having to hire anyone if you don't want to. (Many people have started entirely new businesses based on their research, but I recognize that you probably have a "main" business to run, so you may want to get some help here and there. No problem. Anyone can use this program. And, it accommodates custom HTML page design, if you want.)

All you'll have to do is think. And write. (If you want, I can polish it.) The game plan is proven. The research and programming drudge work are automated. There's an active forum frequented by the publisher and fellow users. Support is included free. And everything's outlined in the Action Guide, all in the right order.

Sounds like a plan, doesn't it?

Learn more.
The first step to your online success begins right here.

Look into this site-building, traffic-building, BUSINESS-BUILDING system, used successfully by thousands of people every day.

Click here to learn all about Site Build It!.

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PS: The Site Build It! Action Guide alone is a great planning tool, even if you don't use the SBI! program. And it's free. To download it from the publisher (legitimately), contact me for instructions.