Business-to-Business (B2B) copy with DM thinking and Consumer flair

Randall Rensch, Freelance copywriter

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About me
Hi-Tech, Lo-Tech, and great new-fashioned No-Tech

Although I help sell a lot of technical products, and clients ask me to write detailed product profiles from time to time, I'm not a "technical writer."
(Lav full of luggage) Head: Can you judge a jet by its john?
Don't be embarrassed to talk human-to-human. This ad suggestion was based on my copy for a direct mail assignment. The mailers brought inquiries from 40% of the CEOs they were sent to.
  But I'm not your everyday copy generalist, either, because I've used common-sense language to sell a wide range of technical products and services.

My perspective is useful in almost any marketing category, from chocolate chips to computer chips. Even if your services and products are highly technical and completely unique, your problems may still be common.

I've seen them. Problems with dealers, distributors, skeptical customers, purchasing agents, investors, consultants, installers, untrained salespeople, inventory, franchisees, and end-users. They're often the same problems that pancake restaurants, clothing makers and carpet fiber brands have faced for years.

So if you're selling fast food, I can give you fast copy. Or if you're selling industrial freezing equipment, I get the job down cold.
The brochure, Web page or spec sheet may be your last shot before closing the sale. Get a great copywriter, to be sure the sale is yours.
Several brochures

And if you're preparing a Web site, I can bring objective thinking and skillful planning ... qualities that have long benefited budget-conscious TV advertisers with many of the same constraints as you. Always with practical marketing ideas, meaningful creative concepts, and fresh, compelling copy.

Let's talk now about what you sell. I'll understand what's really new, what's strategically important, what's really human. I'll make buying it seem like simple common sense.


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