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Web Work
With my decades of writing content and developing information architecture — I know what works online.

  • Scores of websites
  • Hundreds of articles
  • Emails, sales letters, landing pages, microsites and more

In addition to writing websites of all kinds, I've built and helped plan many. (I even webmaster a few.) I've also written whitepapers, and hundreds of articles short and long, on a wide variety of subjects. (Over the past several years, I wrote a wide variety of articles on topics related to voice-acting, hearing, marketing and cognition for Edge

It's way too much to show or even link to, so here's a cross-section of work for clients of all sizes. To learn or see more, please call.
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Dr. Rechelle mosquito repellent
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Warren Paint & Color Co. (
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KPL.NET (Körber PaperLink GmbH )
About this website - GenX Tech Solutions computer systems consulting
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A private-practice law firm
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Biz Book Breakthrough Writer's Retreat (
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E.G. Smith socks and tights
About this website (Real Estate)
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New England House of Gifts
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SiteSell, Inc. (Site Build-It)
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About this website

Other websites

Website video
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I've also worked on other sites. Contact me for information.

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