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Randall Rensch, Freelance copywriter

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About Me --
More than copywriting.
Also broad experience, fresh thinking and results.

• Help yourself to my creative services -- a dozen ways you can benefit.

• Looking for Hi-tech, Lo-tech, or No-tech? Even if your proprietary polymers are selling like hotcakes, they're generally not advertised the same way. But having sold both still helps.

• My resumé shows the wide variety of clients, products and services that help cross-fertilize the productive mind.

• The copywriting samples section changes from time to time, so maybe it's time to click again. Also see samples throughout the site.
• These days everybody knows that a professional interactive copywriter contributes importantly to website development. But some people are still surprised to see how much.
Frequently Asked Questions ... Like, What are your specialties?, How do you charge?, How do you like to work?, What's the capital of North Dakota? (Okay, some are more frequent than others.)

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