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Common Sense,
Uncommonly PresentedSM

Everybody likes the feel of Common Sense. That's why I try to put it into every ad, brochure and commercial. But who can really define it? Here's a subjective guideline: It's whatever brings a good feeling to the reader or viewer -- A reaction like "You know, maybe I never really thought about it before, but that sounds good to me."
Plain Talk. The language of the prospect. And not a bit more technical than that.
T.Rowe Price ad: Has your IRA stopped growing at the rate you banked on?

Isn't that how you want people to feel about your product? Wouldn't it make it easier to sell?

Of course, the hard part is to identify this quality in your marketing communications . . . before you spend your hard-budgeted money.

Broad experience helps. I offer two decades of experience that touches almost all product categories, many types of clients and virtually every medium. Advertising and sales promotion aimed at consumer, wholesale and industrial markets. Full-time experience at several very different agencies. Retail experience at radio and TV stations. Lots of customer and client contact. And, of course . . . some common sense.

With my unusual mix of retail, technical, services and package goods experience, I see things from the advertiser's viewpoint, as well as the customer or end-user's -- whoever the end-user may be.

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