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Conceptual development —
Case: A waterless hand cleaner   1 of 11

THE PRODUCT: This product has been a standby in factories and shops for decades. Hasn't generally gotten into the home, though. Someone in the category runs a commercial once in awhile during an auto race, and that seems about it.

THE PROJECT: What would be a strong advertising message and execution for the home market?
And how can it be made as strong and effective as possible?

There are some obvious benefit messages. But let's see if we can go beyond "reasons" to a point where buying Go-Jo becomes a matter of "obvious" common sense. (In some cases we were thinking of a similar product, or maybe a new product called "WorkOut" if that name isn't already taken (... cleans the work out of your hands, get it? Well, anyway...)

  A.The message: It cleans your hands without grit. That's certainly a clear benefit. Grit hurts. For cleaning off paint, it works and smells better than turpentiny stuff, too.

What's wrong with these ads? Well, in one case we're being kind of obscure, and in the other cases we're overstating the problem. Sometimes exaggeration works, but in this product some users might see Nasty Grit as badge of honor. We need to get personality into these ads some other way... but wait, that "scrape" thing has another angle...

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