Randall Rensch, Marketing Communication Concepts and Copywriting 

On a DIY copy budget? Or want to become a Web copywriter?
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    I'm a professional copywriter and can write well about almost anything. It takes some time and ability to learn how to do that.
But you can write effectively about a particular subject, if it's something you love because it's your business, hobby, or some other personal focus (or maybe even if you just know more than average about it).
Right, no charge. Just click here to download this valuable guide. You don't even need to give your email address.You, a Web copywriter? Yep. Follow the advice in this new guide, Make Your Content Pre-SELL.  It explains how to write Web content that visitors want to read. Content they were looking for. Content they trust.
Trust is an essential ingredient in closing an online sale.
For the budding student of copywriting, this is a very good primer on when the copywriter should think "business" and when not.
For the non-writer, it's the best "how to write" book value on the Web today.
And, no, I didn't write it (drat!). It's by one of the world's most respected online marketers, who specializes in helping "small" Small Businesses succeed online. Once an "S.S.B." himself, and author of the definitive 1,400-page book Make Your Site Sell!, he has achieved remarkable online success by following the trust-building principles described in this simple book. They're things every professional copywriter knows. Or should.
Now he offers this great little book totally FREE, so that it will reach everyone.That makes it a MUST-READ. So if you're at all concerned about writing well, building your website's traffic, or improving your online sales, look through this book now.
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