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KLM Directory
Client: KLM Cargo
Media: Annual Directory of Services & Calendar

KLM Directory
This piece contained a page or two on every aspect of KLM Cargo -- from a description of the fleet and insurance issues, to land transport services, handling of bulk mail, and shipping of flowers and animals. Also included a calendar featuring 52 cartoons with light informative blurbs one year, highlights from KLM history the next.


Headline:  Livestock

Subhead:  Every animal, a pampered client

Body Copy: 

Think of any animal, domestic or exotic, and chances are KLM has carried it. With sufficient know-how, skill and experience, it's possible to airfreight virtually any type of animal anywhere in the world, in a matter of hours.

But just because we transport livestock regularly, don't underestimate the importance of KLM's complex planning and organization.

KLM's extensive facilities simplify the complexities. All KLM animal handlers have proven themselves in training at the School of Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University. KLM boasts a fresh, well-equipped animal hotel at Schiphol Airport. We have up-to-date veterinary facilities. And we've designed custom containers that promote prime conditions during land travel as well as in the air.

KLM transports virtually any live animal that has been conditioned to confinement. But with over a million known species in the world, we occasionally meet a new one. When we do, we consult appropriate zoological specialists. However, the combination of long experience and many prior such consultations has already prepared us to ship a broad range of livestock. We are especially experienced in shipping horses, cattle, fish, poultry and zoo animals.

Expert sense about horse sense.

Horses travel better by air because short journeys are less tiring. On KLM, equine passengers are safely -- and soothingly -- encased in a stall that cushions them against both physical and psychological shock.

KLM developed the stall in consultation with veterinarians and international aviation authorities.

The self-contained unit can be configured with movable baffles, to carry one to three horses. Its interior is amply padded, there's a non-slip floor covering, and rear-loading/front-unloading makes handling easy and reassuring to the equine passenger.

It even has its own lighting system.

On request, one of KLM's trained attendants can accompany the horse by air, from home stable to final destination. The attendant's seat is right at the front of the KLM stall.

When shipped on KLM's Boeing 747M, owners can even make intercontinental journeys with their horses on the same plane.

Care, expertise, professionalism, reliability. All the qualities you want in a handler, you'll find in KLM.

We don't herd livestock in like cattle.

Even where KLM has found ways to ship livestock more efficiently, we consider their comfort carefully. Animals are, quite literally, perishable cargo. KLM pays expert attention to shipping time, temperature and humidity. And thinks of new ways to ensure arrival in prime condition.

For instance, while KLM-designed Styrofoam spacers put 40% more day-old chicks on a standard pallet, they also provide better air circulation.


Exotic animals are common at KLM.

Elephants. Dolphins. Tiny tropical birds. Fish. A literal menagerie of animals relies on KLM for a safe, tame ride.


Some passengers never had it so good.

To ensure speed and animal comfort, all KLM planes are jets, with air conditioning and heat throughout -- even in cargo holds. Live cargo never experiences severe cold or lack of oxygen.

Cargoal, KLM's computerized tracking system, alerts KLM personnel of any special handling required, all along the route.

Whether you're interested in shipping livestock to new markets far around the world, or in sending a single animal from one home to another, entrust it to KLM. Contact your lcoal KLM Cargo office, and learn how we can make such shipping a worry-free experience for you.


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