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Effie Award winning fast-food ad, for a service restaurant.

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Newspaper ad

Client: International House of Pancakes franchisees ad group
Media: Newspaper, radio & TV

Okay, so it's not the most ingenious headline. But it has what's most important: relevant (and somewhat surprising) news about the product that we uncovered and presented in a simple way. Yes, you can order and enjoy a real breakfast at IHOP in just 15 minutes.
        The campaign won an Effie for its role in fending off new breakfast competition from McDonald's. It increased sales 30-100% at participating stores. And after the campaign ended, the participants sustained growth 10% above the national average.


Eyebrow:  Our 15-minute breakfast

Headline:  It's better than theirs!

Body Copy: 

their coffee: One plastic cupful. That's it. our coffee: IHOP gives you all the coffee you want from our Never Empty Coffee Pot for about the same price.
their service: You wait in line, you get a paper bag. That's it. our service: IHOP's personal, friendly waitress does the rushing, while you relax. Starts your day off right.
their variety: This, that, or the other thing. That's it. our variety: Pancakes, waffles, omelettes, eggs any style, bacon, danish, French toast and more. IHOP has dozens of breakfasts you can order and enjoy in 15 minutes.
their pancakes: Two per stack. That's it. our pancakes: Every stack of buttermilks you order at IHOP includes 5 big pancakes made with award-winning batter.
their eggs: Scrambled. That's it. our eggs: Every egg dish on our regular menu includes 3 eggs, any style, plus 3 pancakes. Now that's a breakfast!


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