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The Web evolved, so did this Information Technology client. And so have I.

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Brochure cover  
Client: General Web & e.Commerce
Media: 8-pg capabilities brochure

(see copy below)

GenWebCo evolved from a firm that specialized in serving financial services industries. I also wrote that brochure and adapted and edited the copy at the GenWebCo website. (The formal style of this copy reflects the client's preference.)


Cover Graphic: 
                real  experience
            internet  time

Headline:  Internet technology in every direction

Page Two Headine:  GenWebCo brings together the knowledge that brings your company together.

Body Copy: 

GenWebCo specializes in implementating Web and other new information technologies for firms in IT-intensive industries. The number of such industries is rapidly growing.

As expansion and realignment within companies and among diverse fields brings many new opportunities, so does the rapid alignment of Information Technology with Internet Technology. Each enables you to take fuller advantage of the other.



Are you ready for an extranet?

Not long ago, data-sharing and EFT were generally limited to trading partners large enough to overcome technical and cost issues through scale.

With an extranet, size is no longer such an imperative. However, problematic issues remain, including those of technological stability, payback term, trading partner relationships, and user acceptance.

The extranet concept surely alerts a wider range of companies to consider such functionalities. But a fruitful extranet implementation continues to depend on knowledgeable planning, taking all technical and business objectives into account.

Expand your intranet, and pull it together

An intranet -- whether enterprise-wide or hybridized with traditional networks -- offers virutally the same advantages as the Internet, including messages and data communications for easier and broader content dissemination. In addition, it offers other advantages -- such as the facilitation of data warehousing.

The functions and objectives of data warehousing are different than those of online transaction processing. In data warehousing, the ... [etc.]


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