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Marketer: Simplex
Media: Vertical market case studies brochures

To write these case study brochures for a manufacturer of sophisticated life safety (fire alarm), security, and time recording systems, I conducted extensive phone interviews with the field offices and customers involved, learning how needs had been determined, what products were used to meet those needs, and why. Customers included Motorola, AMD, Coors Field, Fleet Center, Comiskey Park, several universities and others.


     EDUCATION (life safety, timekeeping, security and access systems)
     SPORTS (security, life safety, time recording systems)
     TECHNOLOGY (life safety systems)


    Like other great universities, the University of Washington has at least a little bit of everything when it comes to educational resources. And for years the University had a little bit of everything in the way of fire alarm systems, too -- including a variety of Simplex products. The University even has Simplex clocks throughout the campus on a Simplex master time system.
   The more that University officials learned about Simplex, the more they knew they'd found a provider with the advanced product capabilities, cooperative attitude and thoroughness they sought. As a result, the University took carefully considered steps to name Simplex their preferred vendor of fire detection and alarm systems.

*     *     *    

   Simplex worked with University and fire officials to initiate a long-range plan.
   "We had been centrally monitoring the campus' 1230 buildings with a McCulloch-style loop that reported to our own lamp-type annunciator panel," he said, "but we wanted better reporting and needed somebody to look over our shoulder."
   Now, instead of requiring someone to look at the panel and physically phone the Fire Department, the University's panel reports to a Simplex 4100 panel, which automatically decodes the McCulloch signal, digitizes it and retransmits the information to a monitoring company.
   Additional Simplex systems are being gradually installed throughout the campus, beginning with buildings that have older systems or problems that fire officials and the engineering community have identified.


    After three years of accelerated construction, Coors Field was ready for Opening Day -- and so were Denver's fans. By the time the Colorado Rockies were in the division playoffs, Coors Field was welcoming its league-leading millionth attendee..
   Simplex was a welcome leader, too. Like an all-star player, Simplex brought many capabilities: Fire Detection, Security, Time and Attendance Recording, and more. And like the new generation of baseball stadiums, Simplex combined the latest technology with a worthwhile sense of tradition.

National Strength, Local Expertise
   Stadiums were not new to Simplex. In fact, the company's Baltimore branch had provided systems for the Orioles' Camden Yards, which, like Coors Field, was designed by the HOK Sport architectural firm. M-E Engineering's Specifying Project Engineer, [deleted here - rr], said Simplex was clearly the leading choice for Denver. "We could see Simplex's obvious strengths," he said, "including the stature, financial structure, and long-term capability needed to assure completion of such a large project in a short time."
   Before construction documents were even finished, Simplex was working with the contracting community on a design/build basis. "It was a project that required meticulous coordination under constantly changing circumstances," said Simplex Denver Branch Manager Jim Morgan.
   "Before they could pour concrete," he said, "the electrical contractor needed to know what conduit sizes would be required. With our experience, we were able to give them the accurate estimates they needed."



       In 1986, the eight-building Motorola Logic and Analog Technologies Group facility outside Phoenix was surrounded by open land, microchip production technology was in its relative infancy, and the Simplex 3230 Fire Detection System that protected much of Motorola's complex was leading-edge technology.
   Today, both companies continue to pioneer effective new technology in their respective fields. While Phoenix has grown to surround the Motorola facility, Motorola has invested millions of dollars and added hundreds of people to enhance its own leadership capability. As part of this process, Simplex cost-effectively upgraded the facility's entire Life Safety System to provide broad monitoring capabilities in a comprehensive Emergency Response Network.

*     *     *    

   In FAB 25, design concerns included fire detection, toxic gas monitoring, extinguishing agent release, and emergency voice communications. In addition, the status of critical functions, such as power supply from AMD's two emergency generators and huge air scrubbers, was tied into the reporting system.
   The Simplex design philosophy matched AMD's needs well, and a large 4120 Network System was installed. Using addressable devices and true peer-to-peer architecture in an improved token ring, the 4120 Network's survivability helps keep mishaps from becoming disasters. Even if there is a break in the ring, users can still communicate with all the surviving nodes on the system.

*     *     *    

Simplex is able to handle everything required in emergency signaling systems, and has connected non-fire sensors into the system. There are eleven nodes on the resulting ECS, including the Simplex fire alarm panels and the gas detection panels specified by AMD.
   The Central Station's Graphic Display Monitor shows all five buildings on the AMD campus. In any alarm, an officer keys information to a 40-person response team that is always on duty. In addition, critical data will also be transmitted to strategically located members of the team, saving precious seconds and indicating the exact level of danger in real time.
   Each of the panels also features plain language reporting, which Simplex introduced to the fire alarm industry.



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