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When you print a web page, does the right side get cut off? Here's a solution.

When you're printing a web page in Internet Explorer, the reason it sometimes cuts off the right side of the page is that the website's designer specified a fixed width for the page -- and that width is wider than the printable page. There are several things the designer could have done to make the page more printable, but that's not going to solve your problem now. Here are some that will:

The obvious: If you're just missing a few characters, try reducing your margin settings (Page Setup). Or print in landscape format.

Adjust your printer: Some printer drivers allow you to adjust the scale of the page. Use Print Preview, and if the page is cut off, click on Print, then Preferences, and set for 80% or 90%.

FinePrint screen Print to FinePrint: Before printing, use Page Setup to change to a larger size paper. "Folio," maybe. "10x14" probably. "Tabloid" will certainly do the trick, but it might be overkill. Then print to FinePrint. When FinePrint sends the page to your printer, it will adjust it to fit. Everything on the page will be reduced in size, but it will fit a standard sheet of paper.

(Tip: Sometimes Internet Explorer's print preview shows a blank page, except for the headers. I guess this is a bug. Change Preview's Zoom percentage, and the preview will appear. Then you can change it back if you want.)

Another possibile solution is IEPrint from Visiontech Ltd. It's an add-in to Internet Explorer. I haven't tried it, since the FinePrint approach works "fine" for me.

Also, Microsoft reportedly will soon release an Internet Explorer Version 7, which may resolve this problem, for XP users, at least.

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