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"Poem #1"

This is a co-op script for local production. To extend the campaign, there's a second version.   To see other scripts in this promotion, click below:
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Ever wonder how that "Columbus" poem ends? I looked it up:
In 14 hundred 92,
Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
He sailed that ocean till Columbus Day,
Although, he'd been known to say
more times than you can shake a whale at,
He'd wanted to arrive in time for the Pre-Columbus Day Sale at
See, starting October first, while Columbus is still afloat
you can come over with your boat
or car, or barrow.
And save on prices that are really narrow
        at STORENAME.
They're trimming prices even now,
on the finest carpet they've ever had in
a carpet sale that's authorized by Aladdin.
So beat Columbus and avoid the crowd
Come to STORENAME now, and say out loud
"Save me money on the perfect carpet for my home"
Just be sure to roam
in by Columbus Day
to hear their helpful sales folk say
things like:
        "Selected top-quality broadlooms reduced
        from 12.99 to just 9.99 a square yard now!"
Sail in as soon as it's October, [Sail in now 'cause it's October,]
because once Columbus gets here, this sale is over.
October first through that famous Monday
They're open late, and open Sunday at

To see other scripts in this promotion, click below:
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