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Advertiser: AlliedSignal Fibers / Aladdin Carpets
"Poem #1"

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As you PRE-pare your home for the holidays, wouldn't this be a great time to PRE-sent it with new carpet while you save and PRE-serve your money? Then come to STORENAME's PRE-Columbus Day Sale.
    That's right -- a PRE-Columbus Day Sale. It's "PRE-Columbus Day" because it starts this Friday, October 1st!
    STORENAME is PRE-empting their usual prices, for 12 big days of savings. Save up to 25 per cent on the PRE-stigious quality carpets you PRE-fer. No PRE-tending -- You'll find PRE-posterously low prices like these:
    Top-quality broadlooms reduced from 12.99 to 9.99 a square yard!
    Luxurious deep-pile carpet by Ciboney ("see-boh-NAY") was 15.99, now 10.99 a square yard!
    So put away your PRE-conceptions. The PRE-Columbus Day sale at STORENAME makes it easy to make your home PRE-cociously beautiful with fine carpet.
    Don't be PRE-occupied -- Save during the PRE-Columbus Day Carpet Sale, now through Columbus Day at STORENAME, ADDRESS.
    (The PRE-ceding message was [not] PRE-recorded... by STORENAME.)

To see other scripts in this promotion, click below:
"Poem #1"     "Poem #2"     "PRE"     "Crowds"