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How to Name a Product

There are many ways to come up with an effective name. And there's no telling where (or when) the search might end. So naming a product, service, store or company can get pricey.
    But I get things rolling for far less than you'd pay a specialized naming house. I use many of the same techniques, and with my exceptionally broad product background, I bring valuable insights and fresh perspectives to many categeories.
Call me to discuss how to go about finding a distinctive, enticing name that accurately reflects your brand personality and other criteria.
Meanwhile, here are a few examples of names I've contributed. There have been many others. (Also see tag lines.)

Succeeding Solo

Title of a practice-management newsletter to one-person law firms
Flourish Integrated Pharmacy

A specialized pharmacy with a healthfood/spa store feel

A durable executive briefcase

or   Daysies

All-day support tights for dancers
    Amazing Grays
    Everything Rosy
    Slightly Silver

A line of shale-like architectural stone: Product and colors

In most cases I supplied many, many alternatives. Also note that some names shown here may precede review for availability. Any trademark is the property of its owner.


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