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Copywriter portfolio —
Leg Resource, branded legwear manufacturer

About my work on this site
The site concept and layout were pre-existing. I wrote the product description copy and edited the introduction.
    I suggested ways to touch up the page code, improve speed, allow for expansion, and market the site. The key part of the site is its catalog section (currently offline during redevelopment).
    I've also created a retail site for a brand they formerly licensed, E. G. Smith.

Although the company is stronger than ever, its site has since been cut back to only its home page (which I did not design), for reasons unrelated to the copy.

branded legwear manufacturer
Leg Resource, Inc.

Other online experience:
Online store (fashion hosiery)
Online store (premium socks & tights)
E-books (long-copy online sales letters)
Writers Retreat (long-copy online sales letter)
Medical (pharmaceuticals)
IT consulting
Tech/software support
Industrial machinery (paper, printing)
Waterjet machining (industrial)
New consumer product (household accessory)
Custom paint manufacturer (industrial)
Online store (automotives)
Restaurant and wine bar
Real estate broker
Law firm (real estate)
Ski club
Branded legwear (B2B)
Brochure site (gift retailer)
My own site (part of my 9 years' SEO experience)

Other websites

Website video
Banner advertising